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5 Signs that You are Highly Sensitive to Energy

Every emotion indicates that energy is channeled and radiates around us. This is how auras form and change color. Some people perceive these auras that betray the thoughts and moods of the individual. But in addition to this radiation, there is also the reception of external energies, the auras touch and interact.

Some emotions can be transmitted as well, some auras can be pleasant and others become unpleasant. If you stand next to someone who is grieving and you are sensitive to this you can finally be vampirized by this neighbor because his aura will gradually absorb the energy of yours. This acts exactly like communicating vessels where the lack of water in one vase is corrected by the surplus of others.

When some people stress they pass on their anxiety to others sometimes through their aura.

Some people recover everything that hangs in their environment like sponges. In the same way, people who are parasitized by entities see (or rather do not see) their aura gradually shrink as the entities feed on their energy. Sometimes the aura is inferior to the physical body in its dimensions. It can even end up triggering health problems.

Auras show how energy circulates and the spots on an aura prevent the appearance of physical problems. The aura is the result of the activity of the subtle energies of the body, so its defects show the places where health problems will appear.

If the aura changes and betrays our thoughts, we can also modify it by using certain processes.

It is therefore recommended to all people who are sensitive to energy (and even to others) to use the prayers of golden or violet light to form a protective envelope around themselves. These defense mechanisms immunize sensitive people against bad ambient energy and many entities are repelled by these lights. Some people in certain places become uncomfortable because of the emotions that are transmitted there, these protections are adequate to be out of reach of these energies.

Places can be cleansed by the aura of one person. The energy that emanates from the largest auras literally envelops the neighboring people. Moreover, this effect is generally beneficial because the largest auras are those of the people who offer the least resistance to the Source and who let the most divine love flow so they redistribute it.

Finally, the auras transmit both the positive and the negative if they are not sufficiently protective, but their role is still to facilitate the circulation of energies and form a body in its own right that bears the mark of emotions.

Here are 5 signs that you are extremely sensitive to energy:


1. You are a little introverted.

People behave with introverts as if they are “crazy” or “anti-social”, but this is not the case at all. Many introverts are sensitive to the energies of others. They gather all the energy.

An energy-sensitive person in a room full of people is able to listen to each conversation at a time.



2. You know very well how to judge people.

And yet, miraculously, you are not judging people. You seem to have the knack for being able to look at what’s behind people’s facade masks.

But you are not cruel with refusals. Instead, you simply choose not to let people “read in you as in an open book.”



3. You strongly feel the suffering of others.

People who are sensitive to energy are empathetic. They are able to share the experiences of others without having this experience themselves. This makes them excellent world leaders and healers.



4. You have the impression of receiving signs.

The world is in bad shape, people sensitive to energy receive special signs on their path of healing. You will see things that most people will call coincidences, but which are actually quite significant.

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5. You can be highly emotional.

Energy-sensitive people ride an emotional roller coaster from time to time. You feel all the ups and downs. Be careful not to become manic with all the feelings.



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  1. Bill

    Someone who is grieving is not an energy vampire,people like you are who think they know the truth are the Vampires. Your are not an Empath you are the opposite of that. So many like you spouting lies you should be ashamed of yourself. Someone who is deeply sensitive cares about others,they don’t turn their backs on them when they need help.
    You’re far from being spiritual.

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