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These 3 Zodiac Signs will Experience the Best New Moon in Gemini May 2020

It is time for one of the most positive lunations in all of astrology: the new moon. You might think because you can’t even see the new moon (as it is enveloped by the night), it might not have as much of an impact, but that’s where you are wrong. A new moon is just as important as a full moon.

In fact, neither of them could exist without the other, since both are powerful moments in the lunar cycle that take place each month.

While a full moon is a time of completion and revelation, a new moon is about forgiveness and new beginnings. It has the power to give you a feeling of regeneration and renewal, especially if you are one of the zodiac signs that will have the best new moon of May 2020.

This new moon occurs in Gemini the creative, ingenious, and open-minded. Even if your situation seems impossible, Gemini will always find a way around it because this zodiac sign is capable of looking at something from all angles.

It is also one of the least critical signs of the zodiac of all since Gemini understands that nothing is ever “black” or “white”, but various shades of gray.

Given the way this new moon unfolds during the retrograde of Venus, it will also raise relationship and money issues. However, it is an opportunity to confront them head-on and discuss these issues. Gemini values communication above all, so if you have something to say, this new moon is a good time to say it.

If you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you have a lot to wait for when this new moon takes place on May 22 at 1:38 p.m. ET. Here’s what these air signs need to know:


Gemini: This is your chance to take your life to a new level

You are on the brink of a powerful new start in your life, Gemini. Whether you recognize this new moon or not, it purges you of what you no longer need to create space for better things in your life.

If there is an intention that you would like to live, tell it to exist on this new moon because this lunation wants to help you remember these words in the future.

You are growing and developing, Gemini, so don’t be afraid of what’s to come. Even if you are afraid of change, you are more than prepared for everything that you have to come.



Libra: You unlock doors and broaden your perspective

If you see things from a limited perspective or if you judge things before you know the whole story, this new moon will be a revolutionary experience for you.

Taking your place in your ninth house of expansion and philosophy, you step back and look at everything with rejuvenated eyes.

You may find that you have been holding yourself back by being close-minded as this new moon encourages you to seize all the many opportunities before you. Take a chance, Libra. Something that you thought you didn’t like could become something that you love intensely.



Aquarius: You’re On The Verge Of A Creative Reawakening

Prepare to feel like you’re tapping into your reservoir of creativity, art, and romance, Aquarius. This new moon wants you to reconnect with everything that brings you pure, flawless joy.

If you think that growing up means giving up your passions to become an adult, this new moon will be a brutal awakening.

Letting go of this beautiful part of yourself will never bring you peace. Hold on to your youth and your childlike wonder. Not only will it help you become a happier person, but it will also make you more competent and talented.


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