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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Great April 2021

As the height of springtime makes its way to the spotlight, the list of things to look forward to is endless: warmer weather, longer days, and a Sun that welcomes you with open arms to a newly blossomed world. Spring began with the Sun in Aries, the sign of its exaltation.

When a planet is exalted, its expression is held in high esteem, which allows it to function in the best possible way. As the Sun can now shine its rays for longer during the day, you may have felt new ideas begin to bloom within you.

As you prepare for Taurus season, it’s time to take care of what you’ve started, in a more patient and stable manner. Planting the seed is the first step, but nurturing it must come next. The collective feels inclined to strive for what they started, but some lucky zodiac signs will resonate on another level.

The month of April begins with the arrival of Mercury in Aries on April 3, adding direct expression to your communication style. You will be inclined to express what you are thinking honestly and directly, but be sure to take the time to pause and think before speaking during this time.

At the start of the Aries season, Venus will join Mercury in Taurus on April 14, softening and stabilizing your desire for unity and relationships, as well as shifting your verbal dynamics into a more subtle mode of expression.

Mercury in Aries will join the Sun on April 18, doubling your inclination to get things done with enthusiasm, just before the Taurus season begins. Things will change on April 24, causing sudden disturbances in your thoughts and ideas when Mercury joins Uranus, possibly sparking new conversations and rebellious ideas in your life.

The energy of April will introduce some much-needed stability, after a rapid start to the Aries season. Here’s why this energy will have a positive impact on Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio people this month:



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You are directing your new energy towards something more substantial and long-term. As the Aries season will continue throughout the first half of April, your energy surge will peak, prompting you to continue navigating this time full of energy and excitement.

That boost will diminish a bit on April 19, when the Sun moves into the fixed earth sign of Taurus, illuminating your second house of money, values, and possessions.

Your desire to start new projects and endeavors will take a turn to highlight the resources to which you have access so that you can pursue your new, exciting pursuits. As your money and possessions demand your attention, you’ll discover new ways to use your new burst of energy to truly benefit you in the long run.





You step out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight. After a withdrawn and self-reflecting start to Spring, you can’t wait to put yourself in the spotlight with new, productive ideas rooted in your desire for comfort and safety.

On April 14, romantic eyes will likely be on you, as Venus shifts into your first house of self. The Sun will follow on April 19, highlighting your personal expression and ambitions. Now is the time to get things done in a steady and relaxed manner, without as much urgency and impatience as Aries season could have brought.

Allow yourself to embark on this new stabilizing season with an open perspective, as changes and disruptions could take place on April 24, when Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus. Allow yourself to take advantage of these new opportunities so that they can help you make the most of this new chapter.





Your relationships demand your immediate attention. Aries season was all about getting your daily activities and routines in order, and a big part of the New Astrological Year for you was all about spring cleaning.

When Venus enters Taurus on April 14, your time and attention may shift to personal relationships and partnerships, asking you to take the time to develop them in a slow and steady manner.

Your role in your relationships can be especially emphasized once the Sun enters Taurus on April 19, and romantic relationships may blossom for you during this time. Despite an increased social life, it will still be imperative to prioritize personal care during this month.



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