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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected by Mars Retrograde 2020

Ready or not, here is Retrograde Mars 2020, one of the main retrograde times of the year. The planet of war, sex, anger, and passion started its backspin on September 9 in its fiery home sign Aries, and that energy will be with us until November 13.

While this retrograde is important to everyone, the lucky few zodiacs sign less affected by Mars retrograde 2020 will likely have an easier time managing their moods and navigating the cosmic chaos. Regardless of your zodiac sign, the retrograde periods of Mars (which occur roughly every two years) can be really frustrating.

It can make us impatient, lethargic, and suddenly unenthusiastic about the efforts that previously lit our fires. Energy is low, motivation is zero, and crankiness levels are increased to 100. All of this combined can be a buzzkill, but you can get the most out of Mars retrograde.

Instead of stubbornly trying to go ahead and take risks right now, try to connect with your inner fire and determine the real motivations behind your goals, actions, anger, and defensiveness. This transit can make us restless, but if we take a deep breath and try to embrace the sudden pause in the action, we have a chance to recalibrate our passions and come out the other side with a new purpose and fight.

Mars retrograde might not be the most joyfully anticipated of astrological transits, but if you’re one of the zodiac signs that Mars retrograde 2020 will affect the least, then it won’t be that big of a deal. Read on to find out if you’re one of the lucky ones:




TaurusIt’s time to slow things down and spend more time in solitude, Taurus, and you feel comfortable with that pace. However, while finding a Zen moment is great, bottling up your rage isn’t, so be sure to let your deepest feelings breathe.

You may feel uncomfortable around other people. Stop holding back your feelings, let them be known. Think about any unconscious grudges you might have and start finding gentle ways to express and release them.

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GeminiMars retrograde can conjure up past dramas in your group of friends over the next few months, Gemini, and it will force you to get real about how you really feel. Using your words to create openness will strengthen your bond and inspire you to reconnect with people from your past.

You may want to mix up your group of friends and vibrate with old buddies you haven’t seen in a while. Solve problems and set a positive example for your crew.





Leo2020 has been filled with paradigm shifts galore, and you have been riding the waves of change like a champ. However, the changes made during the retrograde period of Mars will require you to agree to take action and set goals from a different perspective.

Connecting to a new way of thinking will be difficult but helpful in evolving your mind. There is an even more powerful and open-minded version of you waiting to welcome you on the other side of this transit as long as you are willing to be patient and let go of self-sufficiency.





SagittariusAs a fun fire sign, the pursuit of pleasure is important to you, Sagittarius, but the buzz of retrograde Mars might dull your passion and make you unsure of your next moves. Work on it rather than trying to find a distraction.

Don’t make impulse bets or take risks without knowing the downfall of the endeavor. Slowing down and re-evaluating why you are in such a rush when it comes to certain aspects of your life is imperative for this transit to work for you. With patience, you will find that you can make other adjustments that relieve the tension.

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