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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Challenging Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipses are serious business. Ask any astrologer and they will tell you that eclipses are not something to be taken lightly. In fact, just about all astrologers would advise against performing any rituals or doing everything possible to manifest your dreams during an eclipse, as the energy of this astrological event is far too unpredictable.

At its core, an eclipse is “evil” in nature, which is just Astro lingo for “unfavorable”. While every zodiac sign may feel weighed down by the next eclipse, it’s these zodiac signs that will have the worst lunar eclipse of November 2020: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Fortunately, just because a lunar eclipse is evil doesn’t mean nothing good can happen during an eclipse. However, an eclipse can also be a time of unexpected endings, abrupt new starts, and changes that go deep into your bones. Sometimes an eclipse can have such a profound effect on your life that you can mark it as a distinct turning point in your journey so far.

Taking place on November 30 at 4:29 a.m. EST, this upcoming lunar eclipse takes place in double-sided, communicative, studious, and curious Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse will encourage you to see things from a different perspective, analyze the details, learn more about a topic, and find the courage to ask questions.

Gemini is endlessly fascinated by the community they belong to and aim to understand all angles of an argument. It might be hard to say that the mutable signs will have the “worst” lunar eclipse. It would be more accurate to say that these zodiac signs will be affected by the lunar eclipse more intensely than the others.




You become the person you are meant to be. It just might be the start of something completely new. As this Lunar Eclipse lands point blank in your zodiac sign, it has the power to affect who you are as a whole.

This is a time of immense change for you, and by the time this eclipse has taken effect, you might feel compelled to grow really fast or get used to a major transition in a short period of time. Trust the process. It is all part of your destiny.

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Your career is at a major crossroads right now. Take a moment to reflect on your career and the goals you are focusing on. Do you risk not making your dreams come true? Are you following the career path that you are meant to?

Are you taking authority over your life? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, this lunar eclipse might just answer them for you. Prepare for a major transformation in your career and reputation.





Your relationships are changing in a major way. This is a defining moment in your relationships and your love life. If your relationships aren’t making you feel fulfilled or bringing out the best in you, there’s a chance your relationship will end or undergo a major change.

It is also a time when relationships come together; relationships that have the power to influence your life on such a deep level that you are not the same person you were before. Prepare to gain a deeper understanding of what you need in a relationship and how you work in it.





You are experiencing changes on the home front. Your privacy is taking a hit from this lunar eclipse. Expect changes to occur in your home environment, family dynamics, and comfort levels.

This lunar eclipse might also focus on your roots and the outlook, habits, and coping mechanisms that you inherited from childhood, forcing you to finally heal in a way that requires healing. This lunar eclipse could be a rather emotional experience, heightening your need for compassion and care.

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