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Full Moon in Gemini on November 30 – Moving Towards a Better Future

November 2020 ends with a Beaver Full Moon in Gemini, which will be a lunar eclipse. Influenced by Mercury, this Moon will bring us anxious and uncertain vibes. After facing nearly a year of such intense energies, we all know flexibility is the best bet to get through such times.

The Moon will also provide us with opportunities, but we have to keep an open mind for that. From a spiritual perspective, this Moon brings changes in romantic relationships and finances.



Beaver Full Moon’s energies:

The Full Beaver Moon rising in Gemini will push us past the stagnant cycles of the past. Versatility, action, change, and communication are the themes of this luminary. The actions we take now will decide whether we keep repeating our past mistakes or whether we are actually moving towards a better future.

The calendar is coming to an end and brings new beginnings. New beginnings are full of spiritual blessings. And the Full Beaver Moon will help us align with those spiritual energies now. After months of being stuck in a rut, the Moon can dramatically speed up our lives. The renewed energy that this Full Moon brings will keep us active until the next Full Moon in December 2021.

The more rigid we are, the more we try to resist these energies, the more we will suffer in the months to come. Flexibility is the best option we have if we are to harness the energies of the Beaver Full Moon in November. Break those old patterns, leave broken dreams behind. Seek out and see the possibilities of the future.

Many great people have explained how change really is the only reality. Time does not stand still for anyone. If you don’t hurry, you’ll be stuck in your past forever. It’s time to embrace all the past has given us. We have learned our lessons, we have had our experiences. It is time to carry these experiences with us as we continue to move forward.

The energy of the Full Beaver Moon will teach us a few lessons that will allow us to free ourselves from all shackles. This will prepare us to create a better future without blocks or obstacles. It is only when energy can flow freely that we can reach our higher truth and embrace our authentic selves.

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Why is it called the Beaver Moon?

Traditionally, as November ended or December started, this Full Moon was the time to set traps before the waters of the rivers froze. The name Beaver comes from there, although it is also known as Full Frost Moon.

Native Americans believed this was the best time to set traps for the dam-building nocturnal rodents. But National Geographic says the name could also come from the higher-than-usual beaver activity around this time. They would start preparing their winter dams around this time.




Flexibility for the future:

You can use the energy of the Beaver Moon to strengthen your faith. It can accompany you throughout the coming year. Take inspiration from the beaver and build your own dams. Don’t let outside influences drain your energy. Strengthen your spiritual fortification and you will be ready for the long winter.

As the harsh months approach, find ways to keep yourself warm, physically, and spiritually. The November Beaver Moon is the culmination of the energies set in motion by the New Moon. Romance and relationships are now in the spotlight as unfamiliar things light up.

Whatever new emotions are illuminated within, let them flow freely. Express them and let them out. They may not seem rational yet, but just give them a little time. November 30th brings us many spiritual blessings with the Beaver Moon. If we can work with it, great things await us in the future!

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