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These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected the Most by February’s Mercury Retrograde

As you may know, retrograde Mercury is about to start, as it should start on the 16th of this month. This retrograde will be intense and quite complex for many of us.

Although not everyone will gain the same things from this retrograde, we will all be affected at certain levels. Some people will be in a better mood and others much more nervous overall. The more we are aware of the energies we are about to face, the more we can work to protect ourselves adequately.

Certain signs in the zodiac wheel will gain more energy than others and these signs should really be as aware of it as possible. While you can’t avoid them, you can work on getting rooted when things get too much. Of course, Mercury is a planet that we mainly associate with communication, but it embodies much more than that.

Below, we will review some of the zodiac signs that will be most affected during this year’s retrograde mercury and what you need to know regarding these energies. Sure, you can get through them very well, but you have to embrace everything they bring in and deal with this stuff as properly as possible.




As Pisces, this retrograde will seriously kick your ass. You will be confused, stressed and quite frustrated for several reasons.

While your passionate side is enhanced, getting it right will not be an easy task. Don’t rush, take your time.





As an Aquarius, this retrograde will be something that makes you feel safer, but also something that challenges you. You are going to have a hard time really knowing where you are and finding that the more you work towards what you want, the more you step back.

You have to stop and think about your way, are you going in the right direction?





As a Cancer, this retrograde will take you to a place in your life where you face challenges that you are not sure how to deal with. You are going to be very confrontational and you really have to work to spend this time thinking.

The tension you face doesn’t need to be resolved right now, you just need to spend some of your time thinking and making your choices once this retrograde is finally over.





As a Libra, this retrograde will be much more frustrating than you think. Getting your message across is going to be seemingly impossible and you’re going to be so irritated that you’re not even going to want to spend time with yourself let alone with others.

Keep in mind that it will pass and try to make the most of it.





As a Scorpio, this retrograde will bring you a lot of headaches. You already have a lot to do and there seems to be more to come to your plate at the start of this retrograde. You will feel quite detached from the people around you and much more impatient.

This retrograde will make you feel like the people in your life are unpredictable at best and it would bring a lot of confusion into your life.


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