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The Pisces Season Has arrived – Powerful Energy Lights Our Spiritual Journey

On February 19, 2020, our Sun lands in Pisces before the start of the new astral year.

This event expects us to remember that we must eliminate the old before we are ready to welcome the new.

When the Pisces season is upon us, you have plenty of time in the world to introspect. You can try to reflect on your past while preparing for new things to come.



The Pisces season gives us the freedom to enjoy what life has for us.

We must use it to celebrate the path we have traveled, as well as the opportunities that this path has brought us.

Since this period is not really long, the higher realms support us in our zeal to make changes or cut things from our life that we would not take with us, as we prepare for the new cycle.

2020 will certainly intensify the transition process to new pastures because after welcoming the new astrological year, Saturn enters the scene. With this planet moving and changing signs, we will find a huge change of energy.

The effects of Saturn are such that they would be felt during the Pisces season even if Saturn would not work before the Aries season. This planet can be heavy and strict, but it doesn’t take long to reward when the job is done.




As February is nearing its end, we must keep an eye out for the rewards that may come to our door during the New Moon in Pisces.

Our knowledge of the New Moons being places of new beginnings is horribly insufficient, which is why we would not be able to decipher the novelty in the atmosphere. We might feel it, but we never have a clue what it is.

This “novelty” might make us want to do something new, but we might also have no idea where to start.

As retrograde Mercury will also be an important part of the Pisces season, this feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty will be a major highlight of this period. So the best thing you could do is just wait and see.




With Pisces, we come to the end of the year, but that does not mean that we cannot learn anything from this period.

Powerful energy blows, which help to understand and improve our spiritual growth are coming. With the deceleration of things, we have the opportunity to look within ourselves, which would help us make plans for the new year.

The next Pisces season would also result in a sextile between Neptune and Jupiter – a line of alignments that is fairly rare for this year.

In fact, this event is so rare that the Neptune-Jupiter sextile would occur three times a year. And the first would be in the Pisces season. The first sextile would be February 20.

As we know, Neptune reigns over Pisces and is therefore responsible not only for connecting to the soul of an individual but also for connecting to the soul of the Universe.

So when Neptune connects to Jupiter, we can easily acquire multiple spiritual awakenings, which would allow our souls to manifest in different forms.




The Full Moon in Virgo announces the end of the Pisces season.

This Full Moon is extremely generous and harmonious, and it will simply follow the process of liberation, to accept something new.

Pisces 2020 is not a time to be afraid of, because this time will teach you the importance of being kind, generous and patient.

It will always teach you how to connect with your soul and use your choices to define who you are.


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