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This is How the Super Black Moon in Leo will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

On July 31 and August 1, 2019, a super black moon in Leo will show in our sky. This will have all the zodiac signs in emotional overdrive and this is what you need to expect!

The energy is high during a Super Moon. You may feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances or even have too expressive dreams. You will also find that your intuition is higher, the more pronounced synchronicity and you become more distant or sensitive to the energy of the environment, people, plants, animals, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that this can be something positive for you! As with any cosmic event, it must be taken as an opportunity to grow, change and evolve. Move beyond the old forms or the fragmented energy that you have been carrying with you. Not all emotions are negative! There are also floods of love and happiness that can change our lives in a positive way. Let the energy of the New Moon/Supermoon transform your life! Learn more about this black supermoon here: Super Black Moon in Leo on July 31st.


This is How the Super Black Moon in Leo will Affect Your Zodiac Sign:




Aries now is the time to let it go! Let go of all the things that are holding you back. This full moon must be taken as the beginning of something new and wonderful, all you have to do is leave it.

When we don’t release all the behaviors, people and ideas that stop us, we get stuck. Try something new. Take a deep breath and forget everything!




In order to spend this time without significant health problems, you should make sure you focus on your self-care. Pay close attention to your diet, the amount of sleep you are having, your level of physical activity and, often overlooked, your stress levels this month. If you are going to learn an important lesson during this period of time, it will be the importance of relying on friends and family to receive support when facing difficulties.

These are the people who genuinely want to be there for you and see you smile – they don’t expect you to always be the “strong one”, so why do you hold on to this impossible expectation? You are human, and that’s fine!




For you, this is a time of greater intelligence and good health, which will only leave you feeling more able to reach out to those who are fighting. Pay careful attention at home, as family members may not actively say what is happening, but they will reveal a lot through subtle changes in their behaviors.

If you work hard to maintain a stable home life (which is a challenge with your somewhat volatile and incoherent approach to life) that will go far to ease the burden you are feeling. You are keeping some good karma this month!




The super moon should be used as motivation to gather your thoughts and set them in motion. Use the systematic energy of Virgo to tidy up your system and learn to delegate and outsource. You push yourself too much, Cancer! Learn to relax more and stress less.




The super black moon in Leo will illuminate your finances; Bring the money! This could be a possible turning point in the race. Over the next few weeks, you should look for more profitable opportunities or find the courage to go out and ask for a promotion or increase.




Right now, the things you’ve been working on or trying to manifest could finally begin to materialize! Prepare for this by making a plan and planning your next step. You cannot and should not remain the same person forever. All these changes may sound terrifying, but please, be yourself, learn to embrace the new you.




Whether you’re single and looking for that “special someone,” or in a serious relationship, love can be a bit complicated right now. Try to focus on entertainment and enjoy this time together instead of the most serious part of the commitment, and the rest will follow.

After all, true love has to do with both the practical side of life in common and that of bringing joy and happiness to the lives of others.




During the super moon and the following weeks, the people you surround yourself with will be subject to scrutiny. Ask yourself this: Do you feel inspired by your social group? Do they get the best of you? Are you taking care of others and being generous with your spirit?

Take your answers as opportunities to expand your circle or possibly make it smaller.




You are a traveler by nature, and your first instinct this month, when things get tough, will be to take off to a new and exciting place. Just a quick reminder – running away from your problems doesn’t work, as they will inevitably reach you. Instead, stand firm in your convictions.

Not only will you motivate your friends and family to face their own problems in life, but you will also get in touch with your own inner strength.




During this time your imagination will have no limits. Get rid of your typical conservative Capricorn personality and see how far your creativity will take you. Maybe it’s time to finally book that trip you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe this adventure is about establishing yourself and building a house for you.

Do something you have never done before!




This moon will be transformative and illuminating for you, so it is important that you prepare for some emotional waves. You may feel that something in your life will come to an end, but do not look at this as a point of stagnation. An end is just another beginning. Give yourself permission to really let off steam.




This full moon will fall in your house, so it can inspire a moment of “despair.” This can bring an incipient attraction to a compromise or give you the courage to pause for it. Relationships are heavy in your mind and really put a heavy burden on your heart.

No matter what part of your love life you are, you will notice the true give and take within your society. Are you giving as much as you are taking? Are you getting as much as you are giving? Just be careful not to get lost during this time.

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