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Why People Are Intimidated by You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Our zodiac says a lot about who we are. These are healthy indicators of how we behave with people and deal with circumstances in the world. Many people speak of the word “intimidating” and often see an outwardly scary and harsh person.

Intimidation can be an energy that a person vibrates and those who have it may not be the biggest and most outspoken. They could have outgoing energy that makes these people intimidating.

There are traits that intimidate others and each zodiac has characteristics that can be exclusive and different. Here are a few:




Aries has an intimidating quality that often attracts people. The Arian soul does not wait for people to act or for the perfect plan to take place.

They are proactive and aggressive and get what they want effortlessly. These people are often intimidated by the conqueror mindset.





Taurians with the sign of bull are stubborn and are charged by the likes of others.

When you try to outdo a Taurus you can get shot and the horns are very dangerous.





Geminis are good at surprising people and can succeed in making the unexpected and intimidating people like no other.

You never know what you get from a swirling Gemini.





Cancer is an intimidating sign that can get very mean to people. When Cancer is in a bad mood, it is better to hit the deck.

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Leos are intimidating because of their stature. They are symbolized by the lion and their presence of mind and attitude is no different.

They dominate others with their confidence and their power. They can be nervous at the same time and difficult to resist.





Virgos are a special group of people who have the will to do better in life. They are easy-going and very relaxed.

You should not outdo a Virgo or you’ll have a bad time. Virgos can shut you down if they feel threatened.





Libra is an emotional sign and can handle a whole “spectrum of emotions” and can be deeply afraid of it.

They often carry a heavy emotional burden that is difficult to shake off and people can find it difficult to bear it.





Scorpios have unparalleled physical bullying. They often take the price on the physical strength test.

They get angry quickly and are violent. Managing anger for this sign is a good way to make them relax a bit.

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Sagittarians are adventurous, ready to experience new things, and to venture into the unknown. They often do things that only others dream of.

They often intimidate people with their daring tendencies and spontaneity. Many people cannot follow these trends.





Capricorns are close-minded people who often have trouble approaching others with opinions and ideas.

You cannot make a good first impression with a Capricorn as they can be scary and can put people off.





Aquarians are great thinkers with a thoughtful mind. They are sometimes shy and this can cause some concern. When the mind is silent, the person thinks a lot about things.

The precious Aquarius is still thinking and calculating, plotting, and preparing for the last killing.





Pisces is a passionate sign with several good qualities and an extreme sense of dedication. Their energy can be very intimidating.

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