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This is Your Emotional Secret Weapon, According to Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to each zodiac sign, they have things in common at certain levels, but the way they act is entirely different. While one sign could kill people with kindness, others are much more misleading.

Below, we will go over the different emotions that each zodiac sign quickly brings out when it really wants to come to an end or when it knows something is about to go in the wrong direction.

These are things that each sign has worked to perfect and they all know how to get things done. How accurate is it for you and how often do you use this emotion? While it might seem a little bad to play this kind of thing up, in the end, it almost always does as expected.





As an Aries. you use apathy to your advantage. When things don’t go as planned, you remind those around you that the plan that failed was not something you wanted to start anyway.

In some cases, this is enough to reverse the situation as surprising as it may seem.






As a Taurus, you quickly get angry when something is not what you think it should be. You don’t let others say no and you always force them to do anything depending on the severity of the situation.

Your anger is a force that no one wants to face.






As Gemini, when you want to do something, you bring out your needy side.

People like to do things for you because of the way you ask them. You make them feel extremely important.






As a Cancer, getting people to do what you want can be complicated. You bring out a side of you that these people don’t see often.

In many ways, it can be a little scary, but your unpredictability tends to work in your favor, that’s for sure.

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As a Leo, you let your pride speak all the time that things don’t go as planned. You step back to the other side in a corner and like the lion that you are, you lower them.

While it is not always the best option, it does make a difference.






As a Virgo, you give the impression that you are completely disgusted with the result to the point where others beg you to allow them to try again. This can be very damaging to some depending on how you play it and you have to be careful about it.

While you may not realize it, you are a little intimidating.






As a Libra, you know that the best way to get things done the way you want is to pretend to be away. When you move away, others cling to you.

Because they want you in their lives, they will do what they think they should do to make you feel comfortable enough to stay like you are.






As a Scorpio, you play a lot in jealousy. You are the type to fight fire with fire in the most deceptive way.

Of course, it may not have been a war, to begin with, but it is now.

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As a Sagittarius, you’re not often the type to bring out that side, but when you do, it gets things done. If you experience something or if things do not go as planned, you give in to the side of you that holds back all your anger.

Although you tend to work better in this place, it is a very dark place where you shouldn’t spend a lot of time.






As a Capricorn, you fight bad situations with love. You bring kindness to the door and really work to change the big picture.

You are one of the most positive signs in this direction and most are not on the same wavelength as you as regards.






As an Aquarius, when you want to make your way, you play things in a sad way. You take out the ‘pity me’ card and make sure to show it to everyone.

The more you do this, the more you realize how willing people are to help you based on the current situation.






As Pisces, when you’re needing to work through something, pretend to be bored and no longer interested in it. Because of this radical change, those around you will take things back.

They will work to hire you again, even if you pretend that you don’t want to be hired at all.

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