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What Changes Should You Expect in January 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We have launched not only a new year but a whole new decade! A new year usually comes with big changes, and January 2020 is no different.

Let your best side shine despite all the obstacles. Here are the changes you can expect in January, depending on your zodiac sign:




Unfortunately, the New Year will not start on a happy note for you. But, over the year, things will resume their place. Until that happens, recognize the mess around you and try to make the most of it.

You may feel lonely in the dark in January 2020 and frustration will come naturally. Don’t push things, they will resolve in due time. For now, focus on the data you have and see what it means.





A major change related to your professional life is planned for January 2020. A great learning experience will teach you to be more flexible this year. You will be guided by your higher ideals which can cause conflict.

You have to look for things that will support your dreams, things that will make you grow and prosper. Stay focused on your long-term goals and adjust accordingly.





Stay open to new ideas and focus on those that best suit your ideals and goals. You will have many opportunities, but they can also distract you.

Work on your priorities and align your actions accordingly.





January 2020 will bring positive changes for you! Income growth is indicated as well as recognition of your hard work. Your relationships, romantic or not, could experience difficulties.

This time, you have to be the most responsible and step up.





Defending the things you believe in can sometimes be lonely and uncomfortable. Not everyone has the courage to stand up for the right thing. But in January 2020, you have to choose between comfort and being alone in your good choices.

Remember that comfort is temporary and short-lived. Plan your future and be responsible.





It is a month to lay the foundations for the coming months. But this year, focus on your feelings first. With your goals and beliefs, you can build the life you really want if you are focused.

Take risks, get out of your comfort zone. Big things are waiting, don’t be shy!





You don’t like confrontations but this month things could get complicated. You will be asked to let go of someone unexpectedly. Believe in the evidence provided to you. Clearly explain your decisions to the other person.

Your happiness counts and letting go is the best thing yet. Even if it comes with disreputable conversations.





Breaks and time offs are acceptable. No one will hold it against you. But when you do decide to disappear, be sure to inform your loved ones.

Take advantage of your free time but you must communicate in the same way. No one can read thoughts here, so be clear about what you want.





Often what we want and what we need is not aligned. But January 2020 will meet your needs. Stay in your present and recognize good and evil. You may receive unexpected news about your partner.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable now, don’t think it will decide your future. Focus on each day.





The multiple planetary movements in your sign this month make it a really intense moment for you. The lunar eclipse in your 10th house inaugurates great energy.

You must react according to your integrity, do not get carried away by the heat of the situation. Your actions, or your absence, will have far-reaching consequences now, so be careful.





A breakthrough is fast approaching. With the New Moon in your sign, now is the perfect time to start new things or even confront your past feelings and fears. Don’t let them hold you back anymore.

Learn to evolve with the changes and soon you will welcome something big!





It’s time to be responsible, Pisces! January 2020 brings you intense emotions but you have to recognize them with firm limits.

Hear what your heart really wants before you decide to go ahead with work or relationships. Let your sense of duty guide you for the month.

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