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This Month Pluto Retrograde Will Push You to Face your Shadows

Although Pluto is a “dwarf planet” in the sense of astronomy, it is an important planet in astrology. Since it governs Scorpio, it will bring a transformation. And this time, when Pluto will be retrograde, the transformation will be massive, we have not seen that for 500 years. Get ready to see you changed.

The retrograde cycle of Pluto began on April 24 and will last a long time. Pluto tends to spend about half of the year on retrograde, you will feel its effect until October 3. But Pluto is not like Mercury – it does not completely shake your life when it retrogrades. But it brings your shadow to the surface.

The retrograde effects of Mercury can be felt on the outside, as with communication problems, but for Pluto, the energy penetrates deep into our subconscious.

We will be immersed in the dark oceans of our inner being, where we will have to swim, fight the dragon that hinders us and move forward to develop ourselves inside. Blockages for our personal growth will be removed during this retrograde period.

Although it sounds tumultuous, it is not really so for those who are at peace with their inner selves. As for the others, well, if you have not faced your darkness before, then it will be a hell of a walk.

Face your inner demons, solve a past problem, move on to healing – deal with your problems one way or another instead of running away from them. Pluto will make them face you or they will come to you.


Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto causes our rebirth, but there can be no rebirth without death. Pluto helps us progress by burning the bridges of the past. The planet is very spiritual – it helps us to respect our authenticity and to discover our inner strengths. We are in a position to do our best.

During this retrograde period, Pluto will rest for a long time. It will help us think more deeply by plunging deep into our being, collecting pieces of broken things and connecting them together. It is time for us to look at our future and reflect on how we are changing.

Sometimes society dictates our roles and programs us in a certain way. This limits us, locks us in boxes that do not really define us. It does not make us what we are, but what we are supposed to be according to society.

In Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto go hand in hand, a very rare alignment that occurred in 1518. We are already seeing its effects on the Earth. Climate change is a major problem and we are moving slowly in that direction.

This conjunction also puts us and society in communion – it shows us that we are also part of society and that every step we take has an effect on society.

This means that now we can not simply escape society or social responsibility by saying “It’s someone else’s job”. We must now roll up our sleeves and work for society as a whole. Climate change or pollution is a reality and many governments are trying to phase out single-use plastics.

Companies take responsibility for fighting the growing plastic pollution of this world. Now, it is time for us to make a change if we really want this wonderful planet to survive for generations to come.

Be one with your inner being and take personal responsibility. And your personal growth will be on the right track.

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