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10 Angel Messages You Might Be Missing

The Angels are “powerful” messengers who lend their service when we have the humility to ask for their intervention in our lives.

These are 10 signs an Angel may be contacting you:


1. Signs from Nature

When you find an unexpected feather on your path it can mean that you are guided and protected on your journey.



2. Clouds and Rainbows

Heaven on a symbolic level is the house of angels. So if you see some really special clouds shapes as you watching them (butter¢ies,
wings, angels, hearts) they have a message for you!

From the biblical account of Noah’s Ark, the rainbow represents the link between man and Divinity. If you are worried about a situation and a rainbow appears in the sky, it means that the Divine Forces will help you to solve it in the best way.



3. Colors

If while you meditate (or dream) you see small luminous spheres and at the same time your body seems to be flooded with energy, it means that you are connected by ancestral forces and they are healing you.



4. Writings, phrases, drawings

If you suddenly see a writing, a sentence, or hear a song that seems to convey a message to you then the Angels want to give you a sign.



5. Intuitions

Have you ever had a “brilliant” insight on how to solve a problem? Sometimes these “illuminations” are the work of
your “Higher Self”, or Guardian Angels.

The Angels can use us to help other people: we will be guided in communication and advice to give.



6. Perfume

Sensing an intense scent of flowers indicates the proximity of angelic entities. It is their way of telling you that “everything will be fine”.

Also, finding white flowers is a sign of the Angels.



7. Dreams

Angels can communicate with us through dreams. They must be very vivid: in the colors, in the emotions, in the energy you perceive.

You may also hear a voice that gives you advice. Consider also: the presence of a strong light, songs, music, butterflies, and other winged beings.



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Dream InterpretationGet Everything You Need To Know To Enter The Spiritual Realm Of Understanding Dreams!



8. Unexpected help

Angels have the power to influence people close to us especially when we are not very happy or have had a very difficult day.

An unexpected gift, a stranger who makes a nice gesture, a child who looks at us and laughs, a friend who comes to our house without a reason because they are all ways to remind us that it’s the little things that are important and that love and beauty are always present in our lives.

Even listening to phrases that seem to concern you, or hearing your name being called can be a message, especially if you feel an intense emotion or shivering along the body.



9. Music

If a song “haunts you” and contains references to a situation you are experiencing, the name of a person close to your heart, or the text explicitly refers to the Angels, it can be a message for you.

And also… singing, listening to music, being happy is important. Angels are present when we cultivate joy in our lives.



10. Repeating Numbers

The numbers are a portal, the code by which the whole universe was written. Many people when they start to see a number frequently, double numbers (13:13) or mirror numbers (13:31) must become aware of something.

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Obviously, the message will be linked to the symbolism of the number. Double numbers reinforce the message; the mirror numbers indicate a change, something to be reconciled within oneself. In any case, at that moment your attention is diverted by the Angels for a specific purpose.


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