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Which of the 13 Soul Families here on Earth do You Belong to?

What are these families of souls who have chosen to have an action and incarnate on Earth in this new millennium? We are going to name the main families that are currently doing a great deal on the planet. How do you know which one you belong to? What is your deep identity? Your deepest identity is above all the divinity, the spark that dwells in you. Be careful when describing different families, there will surely be one that will speak to you more than others, one that will resonate with the desires that are lodged in the depth of your being.

Before starting, we ask you to relax your physical envelope and breathe deeply. You do not need the ego. Continue to breathe in the awareness of the divine breath within you, uniting the top and the bottom, the right side and the left side of your body, yin, and yang, uniting the soul to the personality, uniting through your breath, heaven, and earth. Just let the words vibrate inside you and watch the movement of your soul.



The Master Family

There is right now on planet Earth, a family that we call the family of Masters. In this family, you will find, among others, the Ascended Masters. The purpose of the existence of these souls is to initiate the movement. When they are incarnated, when the personality allows transparency, they become leaders, initiators of movements, in the light or in the shadow.

The souls who choose to incarnate within this family carry a vibration that is to initiate the movement. However, through the density of the incarnation, it may be that your soul has constantly asked you: “please, allow me to initiate the movement”, that and that the personality has resisted, this until at the age of fifty-four, to finally let go and choose to accompany his vision which is to initiate the movement, no matter the form. There is no judgment.

One of the tests of incarnation for these souls is the ego as well as the distortions of the Master that they are: the attraction of power, the attraction of manipulation. Because according to the identity of your family, the Master is the one who directs, the one who transmits, who shows the way, who initiates the movement however in love and above all in humility. A Master does not need the title because he knows who he is. In his nature, in all the cells of his physical envelope, he is Master not only of his life but of all that he touches, and this is a very great responsibility. Some may live it as a weight, others may refuse, disrespecting this energy and creating a distortion in their action. For these souls, the incarnation has a requirement that is commitment. The soul knows to which family it belongs, it knows its nature, its identity. If the personality chooses to wander, the soul will push for commitment! The force it brings into the incarnation can shatter everything in its path, blow up all the structures, to allow total alignment.

Many entities are waiting for the Masters to receive the initiation to the Way. These souls open the way, they are initiators, pioneers. These souls must not be afraid to manifest material abundance in their lives, because they need this foundation to show the Way. The strength of the Master is expressed in the doing and in the action. If he is well centered, if he remains calm, this has a lot of impacts because the vibratory force that inhabits his soul is such that the Master could say only one word in his life and it would be the right one, placed at the right time, to serve. This is the Master, initiator of the Way.




The Healers Family

There is also a very large family, very important because it contains many souls. It has several nuclei and has already split to form other families. This is the family of Healers. The souls that make up this family carry the fluid of healing and provide healing in all its forms. These souls have received many initiations in their hands, in their hearts, and in their consciences. The energy of healing is in each of their cells. They should not try to find it at the neighbor’s house or in any magic potion; they wear it.

Some tools amplify it and the initiations they have received increase the expansion, the transmission of the healing fluid they carry. Not only do they carry the healing fluid but they channel it and spread it. Even if this fluid acts without these souls consciously doing anything for it, this ability is amplified when they become aware of it. It is urgent that the souls who are part of this family awake to this reality!

It is very easy to recognize the members of this family because they resist healing. They are in it but they have trouble recognizing it, believing that they have to go outside themselves, finding that the other is much more a Healer than them. One of the tests for the souls of this family is the ego, the swollen ego or the deflated ego of the Healer. They underestimate or overestimate themselves. This can be a test because they carry the fluid of healing which is a very powerful fluid.

Their souls are very vibrant, very powerful thanks to this fluid and, by the same token, the personality can easily recover this. However, they are not victims of anything, it is part of their learning in the incarnation. These souls do not only heal humans, but they also heal the plants, the animals, the objects that you think are inanimate… They heal everything they touch. They are the carriers of the fluid of healing.

Many healers suffer from different diseases because they do not recognize this fluid. It is very important for these souls to recognize and accept this reality because the more they will avoid recognizing it, the more likely it is to create diseases. Resisting this fluid creates blockages that manifest in the incarnation by physical imbalances.

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Why is this family so important? It seems to be very popular in the afterlife. Many souls that spring from the Source, sparks that take on the identity of the soul, seem to be heading towards the family of Healers and many souls of this family have chosen the earthly incarnation in this new millennium. Read Also: 20 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Powers




The Healing Warrior Family

These souls are, like all others, born of the spark, of the Source! They then chose the family of Healers and felt a call from a force such that, when there was a split in this family, their identity joined with other souls to create a family responsible for the protection of the healing fluid in the universe of souls and other planetary universes. They became Healing Warriors.

Their identity is strong. They are, on one level, responsible for aligning healing where they are incarnated, aligning the fluid of healing, protecting and defending it if there is an attack of incompatible energy. They act where energy is difficult to penetrate. They have a great sense of responsibility and must pay attention to it because this can create a weight on their shoulders and they can easily become rescuers. This is one of the tests of their incarnation.

As incarnated souls, they need seating and are able to manifest this foundation; These souls use specific strong symbols: rings representing this, necklaces representing that. They have a code between them and would even be the type to wear tattoos. They are very strong because they chose to live an initiation they received by visiting the Warrior family to solidify the warrior in them, the Warrior of Healing.

Healing Warriors are the protectors of the healing fluid in the Universe. Where there is a distortion of the use of this fluid, they are present and they act, whether in the afterlife or here below. These souls ensure that the fluid is channeled into the energy of love.




The Shaman Family

From the family of Healers is also born the family of Shamans. This family is still evolving, not totally stabilized in its movement because the possibility of a new division still exists. These souls chose to accompany the fluid of shamanism on planet Earth, among other things. They constantly balance the fluids of the planet with the interplanetary fluids. They are not necessarily embodied as Amerindians; the shaman can be Russian Yugoslav or Chinese. There are no belief systems in the afterlife. The shaman is the vibration that carries the soul and that aims to help the planet Earth and all its elements to live healing, to align their vibrations.

These souls carry the fluid of the transformation. They have the ability to transform the physical envelope, to transmute an internal organ and its crystallization, to transmute a plant for the use of its properties, always in order to serve the fluid of healing.

As their family of origin was that of the Healers, it is quite normal that they carry in them this fluid and use it in the transformation and the transmutation of the energy of the planet. The souls of this family are very numerous. They can recognize each other and telepathically exchange. They need to be rooted in very specific places to serve and they know how to use the identity of their soul, without judgment, they could move in time and space with the physical envelope. For example, they could show up in the Nevada desert for a meeting with other shamans. They have this capacity for transformation and transmutation in density to serve the healing fluid and shamanism.

One of the difficulties they encounter in their incarnation is to get bogged down in the physicality, to become too heavy! We are not talking here about the physical weight, we are talking about the density of the personality. They may forget that they have the fire of transmutation, forget who they are, forget that they are healers, transformers. These souls use rituals and symbols in their lives without even knowing it. It is urgent that they become aware of the signs that are placed in their path and that they take much more respect for the elements that surround them: water, earth, fire, sky, air, clouds And so on.

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The Shaman must constantly use his physical envelope. It is very useful to him in his incarnation on the Earth. Denying this could create leaks of vital energy: loss of hair, loss of teeth, nails, skin problems… These souls constantly carry the fluid of healing, are constantly in transformation and their physical envelope serves as a channel, ‘tool.




The Family of Teaching Healers

We now introduce you to the family of Teaching Healers. These souls teach healing in all its forms. In their incarnation, they speak of healing, they teach healing, regardless of earthly identity.

However, does the ego allow this? Even if the ego does not allow it, the soul grows. Their identity comes from the pores of their skin because they exist well beyond the ego.




The Warrior Family

This family does not come from the family of Healers. The very essence of the Warrior is to protect. However, the soul does not incarnate with armor. Warriors are the protectors of energy, either shade or light. For these souls, the gray areas do not exist. When they choose, they protect the vibration of the light, they protect the vibration of the soul. Certainly, you may observe, in the incarnation of these souls, that Warriors tend to be rescuers in earthly learning. But when the warrior’s soul recognizes itself beyond the third dimension, it acts without wishing to save the entire planet.

These souls need the incarnation, be it earthly or otherwise. They have to show compassion through the density of the planet on which they are incarnated. The action of this family is to defend, to work, to act to ward off the shadows and protect the universe of souls. This action is grandiose, it is an act of total love, rooted, however. Many souls of this family forget their celestial origin, become “bodyguards”, take weapons, enter the second dimension and get lost!

You will easily recognize Warriors because they are not very sociable. They tend to be rough and close in their armor. However, they are always ready to defend, even to save. You will also find many souls of this family in the martial arts because these arts carry the warrior energy proper to their family. However, the heart is present. This is why the incarnation is very delicate for the warrior’s family of souls and at the same time, it is a very big passage. Even if you feel that the personality immediately created cuirasses in these souls, they are filled with love. This is part of their learning that is to maintain this energy of love while being the warrior, the defender, the protector, the guardian of the threshold.




The Family of Fairy Alchemists

In the universe of souls, there is also a very special family. This is the family of Fairy Alchemists. These souls incarnate on the planet Earth to spiritualize matter. Some of them, are very close to the angels. These souls are very light. They may seem to flutter in their lives. They have great difficulty in integrating their physical envelope and often resist incarnation.

They have the ability, in the physicality, to dematerialize everything they touch. They could pass through the doors with the physical envelope; this explains why they have so much difficulty with the keys or with the door handles because they forget that they do not need it. They spiritualize everything they touch, they directly raise the vibratory rate. When there is density, the Alchemist-Fairy acts by the diffusion of the waves that emanate from his body. From the first moments of their incarnation, they begin their action.

These souls may seem to you in the moon, totally absent in the incarnation; like the image you have fairies. They chose the incarnation, not that they like density, quite the opposite: they are present to help transmute the material. We could say that they are living transmutators. They have the ability to dematerialize many things without even knowing it, and at the end of the day, they have the impression of having lost those objects.

They also feel rooted as they hover. They have a hard time separating what is at the top of what is below. Thus, their main difficulty in the incarnation is precisely to incarnate. However, knowing who they are, they can use their power and thus act in the healing, in the communication, in all the trades, all the professions of the world. They can transmute everything around them, the transmutation being to take a vibratory state and activate it in such a way that it loses its identity to merge with the divine principle. Love is the ultimate tool for transmutation.

Why are these souls present in the incarnation at the end of this millennium? They have telepathic, verbal and oral teaching to convey that is: “wake up dear souls, you can spiritualize the matter! Such is the purpose of their existence, such as their true identity.




The Communication Family

They transmit love by expressing themselves in a multitude of forms: art, songs, writings, theater… They are very numerous at the moment on planet Earth. You find in all trades, in all professions: writers, poets, journalists, singers… These souls are recognized, among others to the effect that they have no attachment to the physicality.

This does not mean that, for some of them, there is no form of attraction to material goods. However, the majority of souls who are of this family have only one goal: to communicate, to make the message accessible whatever the form, whether through singing, dancing, arts, writing… everything is good to communicate.

These souls are also recognizable by the fact that they are not necessarily deeply rooted and, because of that, they can easily be lost through drugs. They have a form of lightness that does not help incarnation. For them, physicality does not matter. What matters most is the art of communication and artistic expression. This is why you find in this family many artists who, through the journeys of incarnation and personality, forget that they are primarily Communicators, not necessarily in the form that your societies believe.




The Teacher Family

These souls teach, they teach all that can be taught, all forms of knowledge, experiences. They teach love, light, the loss of illusions, listening, the importance of the experience of the present moment …

The souls of this family possess and transmit the fluid of knowledge. This fluid is directly associated with their identity. As incarnated souls, they have a constant search for truth, knowledge and a great need to transmit. They are also the guardians of the knowledge that is transmitted on the different planets. We could call them “gatekeepers”. This family manages the baggage, the accumulation of knowledge throughout the universe. They have a very great ability to consult, at the level of their psyche, Akashic tables, where are housed many levels of knowledge. On the planet Earth, you will find beings who study numerology, the Cabala, ancient writings such as Sanskrit, all with the aim of transmitting this knowledge.

Eventually, if the transmission of knowledge evolves in a difficult way and becomes distorted, it may be that this family feels the need to split up and create a family that would have as an action to become Warriors of the fluid of knowledge, all as there are Warriors of the fluid of healing.

These souls are easy to recognize. For them, teaching fills them with great energy of joy, because it is their action, no matter the form. They do not need a teacher’s label; they are naturally so, constantly channeling the fluid of knowledge. Thus, when they open to the identity of their soul, they can receive much unknown information about the planet Earth, and transmit it. They must not hesitate to channel the knowledge and to retransmit it. To do this, they only have to channel the fluid that inhabits their souls.

We would like to add that in physicality, these souls sometimes need to manifest physical places to give their teachings. So, if you feel this need, do not judge it and manifest it.




The Smuggler Family

This family of souls comes from a detachment, a split from the family of Healers. However, it is no longer associated with Healers. It is a family that is now very stable and this stability is essential to its action. The Smuggler family have a very specific action: In the hereafter, they help the souls in the passage of the different vibratory locks they have to cross. They are very close to the angelic and archangelic airlock, the airlock of the Ascended Masters and are also very close to the sparks of energy. Here, they attend the different passages that you may encounter on your planet: the transition from childhood to adolescence, the transition from one job to another, the passage of the millennium.

The souls that compose it have lived only a vibratory airlock. That is why their identity is less strong than the identity of many other souls because they must constantly maintain the transparency necessary to assume their function in the hereafter, to help souls to go from spark to soul, to refine their identity.

The Smugglers also help the family of Shamans in the balance of transformations, passages in the universe of souls. They are very busy. These souls have the capacity to be often in communication with the hereafter, and certainly, the night is the preferential time to do this. In the incarnation, they can say, “I worked very hard tonight!” And they are right because they are constantly in action. Hence the importance of paying attention to their physical envelope because they work day and night.

They also very often have nostalgia for the afterlife. Some even have difficulty managing this condition and can get lost. They will use drugs or other abusive substances to counteract this nostalgia, not knowing what to do with it. Many of them often feel the desire to leave and even return to the state of pure spark because the vibratory identity of the soul does not really interest them. They constantly rub shoulders with the world of non-identity, the divine nothingness and this is perhaps confusing, especially when the soul is incarnated. As they are very fluid, some of them will try to develop a gravity of the physical envelope to avoid feeling this floating of their soul. They need to take root in order to realize the Smuggler that they are deep within them.

In their vibratory identity, however, these souls possess this very great quality: a need to constantly help souls. As soon as someone needs them, call them and they will be there. They have great availability, night and day, to help souls and that is why some of them are lost in the role of the lifeguard. It is very easy for the Smugglers to attract souls who are wandering, who have no identity or who have lost it. These souls will come to them because they recognize them from the hereafter: it is they who helped them in the refinement of their vibratory identity. They are the Passeurs of love and only love nourishes them. Everything else does not matter.




The Family of Initiators of Consciousness

These souls come for short action. They come to provoke an awakening of the consciousness on the planet where they chose to incarnate. They do not initiate a movement except that of consciousness. They just awaken the consciousness and they do it by their often spectacular departure. They come back and they leave again.

These souls are present in the passages of the masses, in places where there are earthquakes, accidents, tornadoes… They initiate movements of consciousness by their passage and their departure from planet Earth. These souls choose this to awaken the consciousness of humans.

This may seem pure madness for a closed consciousness, however, widen your consciousness. These souls come to serve the evolution of your planet.




The Family of Pillars

There is a family whose souls are called Pillars. They are not very numerous to be incarnated at this moment on your planet. Those who are are in constant communication with other planets. The density of these souls is very strong. When a Pillar (We speak of the soul in the physical envelope) sits next to you, you immediately feel its presence. These souls come to root the celestial planes in the depths of the Earth, to recreate the connections between the different sacred sites of the planet. And without the personality knowing it, the soul acts.

These souls act wherever there is matter, where there is a planet. They are very busy and have not finished being because they are constantly in balance, in connection, stabilizing the energies, creating new energy circuits, especially on planets that live important passages, like yours right now. Where they are, they come to root the energy of the hereafter here below. They constantly root the vibrations of the Source.

These souls incarnate in very strategic places of the planet and act as Pillars. In their home, they create, they channel and they organize the interplanetary meridians. Sometimes, they have difficulty changing places because they have a very precise action where they have chosen to incarnate. And sometimes they will go to very specific places that need them. It may well be that the ego does not understand why the soul suddenly pushes to go to Yucatan in Tibet.

One of the difficulties of their incarnation lies in their physical envelope. They must be vigilant in terms of nutritional balance: intake of minerals, proteins, vitamins, and amino acids. This is very important!




The Mechanics Family

There is a family for which we have not really found a terrestrial term to name it and have chosen to call it the Mechanics. These souls come to repair the planet. They are repairers or rather agents of healing in the mechanics and in the repair of certain circuits of the planetary tissue. They are often accompanied by Pillars or Shamans in their earthly family. For example, it is possible that in a terrestrial family the parents are Mechanics and that some children are Shamans and other pillars, and that together they act.

These souls come to take care of the earth’s soil, the elements contained in the soil, the air, the atmosphere, hence the name “Mechanic”. They can exist through an identity far removed from this. However, you will often find them nose down. They have a great need to take care of the land, to plant trees where there are none. In the afterlife, the Mechanics repair this form of energy that encompasses everything, such a form of magnetic voila being part of the universe of consciousness. Souls called Mechanics will repair if there is injury; this energetic tissue which is composed of different fluids.

This family acts a lot with the Shamans, its action will be very close to theirs without necessarily associating with it. There are many souls of this family presently incarnated on Earth. You can find members of this family in groups that work for the protection of the environment, the earth’s layer, forests … Some of these souls act in the healing, others in the communication, others in the ‘writing. However, they all feel an urgency to act in an action to help the planet to restore. For these souls, physicality is very important, not in a sense of bait material goods but in the sense of living on the planet they inhabit. They are lovers of the Earth. They receive day and night information about the planet they inhabit, as well as information from other planets inhabited by their brothers and sisters of Light. We tell them “Do not hesitate to receive these messages, do not block them! ”


Which family do you belong to? How do you feel in the depths of yourself?? Does this raise doubts?

Warning! Do not try to identify with the profession you have chosen in this incarnation, or what looks like a movement of your action, but rather the thrust, the call of your soul.

You belong to only one of these families and you can not be part of many.

All these families know each other. In the hereafter, they communicate constantly with each other. They also communicate on the planet, despite personalities, despite earthly identity, despite experiences, injuries and so on. Because in your physical envelope, in the very heart of your chakras, in the depth of your channel, there is the vibration of your family. This vibration is not earthly, it is heavenly.

Do not try to find your identity immediately. Anyway, you already know who you are. Just let your soul vibrate. And to do this, we suggest that you rest your shoulders, that you settle comfortably and that you breathe. Do not forget to breathe. Allow your hemispheres to experience an expansion of consciousness, let your nervous system relax.


EXERCISE: Relax if you have not recognized in which family of souls you are, or have recognized yourself in several families. It’s normal!

Just let your soul vibrate. Sit back and breathe deeply to relax your body and connect to your soul. There is a Mantra to invite your soul to emanate: OM. Put a hand on the heart chakra by deeply inhaling and singing the OM Mantra. You feel the vibration of the OM sound vibrate in you. Ask your soul to come forward and show you the signs.

The more you practice this exercise, the more your soul wakes up and the more you let it vibrate inside you. Its vibrations are recognized by the souls of your soul family and by the Power of the Law of Attraction synchronicities will occur … You can also practice an affirmation, create one that suits you: »I am a being of Thriving light and My Source now manifest near me my Soul Family ”


by Marie-lise Labonté, from the book The Families of Souls



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