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How to Tell if you are an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child

There are many discussions surrounding the idea of ​​what is a “star child”.

Are you one of them? If you are reading this or are interested in the collective evolution of the world, then you are probably one!

These titles or categories of “star people” have a different meaning for each person.

For me, this essentially means that your goal in life is to help break existing paradigms to really start the transition to the next stages of evolution.

Everyone has some of the traits that come with being a star children, it’s the way you act on your intentions that makes you resonate more with a specific category.



Indigo children

Indigo children

Indigo children are the creators of the path to the new world. They are usually born with a “warrior spirit” with a common purpose to try to stop old systems that no longer serve us.

These children can be considered a little badly brought up who can come into the world with a mentality of “I deserve to be here”.

They are there to recreate the basic ideas of government, education and our legal systems that lack integrity.

To do this, they usually have a lot of determination and sometimes a little bit of character.

Indigo children know when we are lying to them, when we treat them with condescension, or when we handle them.

And since their goal is to introduce us into a new world of integrity, Indigo’s inner lie detectors are indispensable.

Many Indigo children end up being diagnosed with ADHD because they are very sensitive and literally exist at a higher level, at a faster pace.



Crystal Children

Crystal Children

Crystal children are the opposite of the Indigos. After the new ways of life were established, the Crystal children came to act in harmony with the world.

They are happier than Indigo kids and even-tempered. They set an example to people to see how we can work cooperatively with others.

The Crystal children follow the clear path, in a safer and more secure world.

Many of them have innate spiritual gifts that can easily be misunderstood.

The more children are evolved, the more they struggle on this dimension.

Many people with severe autism are Crystal children.

They work at a much higher frequency not requiring verbal communication so we assume they are just autistic or misunderstood.

Crystal children have a language delay, and it is not unusual for them to wait until they are 3 or 4 years old before starting to speak.

What is really happening is much deeper. They are incredibly intuitive and communicate at a level that can only be achieved when we are in alignment with ourselves.



Rainbow children

Rainbow children

Finally we have Rainbow children. They are the highest example of our true potential. They embody the true divinity.

They are at the service of others and ‘giving’ is part of their natures. In this way they are up to their ‘spiritual peak’ because of their duty to help.

They are brave and have no trouble expressing their emotions. In general they can quickly recover from negative emotions. From all of the categories, Rainbow children are supposed to be quite rare.

There is not as much information about them because they are still being born and they will show their abilities when the world needs them the most.

The goal of these rainbow kids is to complete the final stages of the basics that were created by the Indigo and Crystal kids.



In the end, anyone who wants to exist in the earth’s alignment is a “child of the stars”.

We all share traits of each category of child, but it is our way of acting on our intentions that defines us.

Essentially, Indigo kids are here to break the paradigm of traditional thinking.

Crystal children then build their bases on the broken paradigm.

And then the Rainbow children continue to build what the Indigo and Crystal kids started;eventually transcending our paradigms to create a whole new way of existence!

So which one do you think you are? Leave a comment and share your story with us!

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  1. Becky Johnston

    My son is an indigo they diagnosed him as ADHD but I knew better I knew there was more to him than what they were trying to diagnose him as he knew things at 5 years old that there was no way he should have known it such as what black holes were and dark matter years before dark matter was ever discovered or talked about I have a file full of all the crap they put us through trying to force us to medicate him

  2. Janice

    I’m 53…that being said, I have felt all those things you’ve said since I was a small child. I often was made to feel like the odd child, or rebellious child. I just knew things, that I shouldn’t. Questioned things no one else did, and didn’t believe in things that most people did. Until the internet, I wondered if I was the only one like this and how long would I have to wait. I know now that i’m not. So what are we called?

  3. josie

    my 1st child I dont think is classified as any. just a typical 4 yr old boy LOL. my 2nd on the other hand is my indigo child. he is incredibly difficult. I was reading about difficult parents and indigos, more like difficult indigo child and Mama just trying to make it through the day. ugh. hes too much

  4. Skye Darby

    What if im all ?? What qm i really wanna know cause everything relates in perfect ways

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