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What Is Your Life Purpose, According to Your Date Of Birth

Your birthday has a lot more information about you than you think. We all wonder what our purpose in life is from time to time, but looking more closely at your date of birth might provide you with everything you need to know.

Numerology can and will help you understand your destiny if you take the time to examine it. Your date of birth can be broken down into your birth number. Now, when it comes to calculating your birth number, take all the numbers from your birth date and add them up.

Follow these steps to determine your birth number. Example:

November 17, 1994
11 + 17 + 1994 = 2,022
2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6
6 + 0 = 6
This number will always be between 1 and 9.

Now that you have your birth number, look below to see what it means to you. Each one means something different and can tell you more about the direction of your life.

Of course, this can be a little off, but generally, these are a good indicator of what the Universe has in store for you.



Birth number 1:

People with this birth number are great leaders. They are among the hardest working people you will find and are really meant to lead the way for others. They are the ones who use their intelligence to their advantage and really say it as it is.

Their goal in life is really to help others move forward, they do best in roles with which they can really make a difference.




Birth number 2:

People with this birth number are among the best at solving problems. They are the ones who stick around others and help them overcome the problems they face.

Their purpose in life is to educate and share things with the world.




Birth number 3:

People with this birth number are among the most energetic. They work well with their hands and are creators.

They are the kind of people who should be and do get things done in this world. Their goal is to literally create art, houses or something else.




Birth number 4:

People with this birth number are an inspiration. Their goal is usually to really help others out of their shells. They teach us and help us to really put ourselves in this world.

They are the motivational speakers and the poets around us.

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Birth number 5:

People with this birth number are among the most creative. They are there to bring change. They challenge things and look at the world from a different perspective.

Their goal is not as simple as that of others, but it presents itself when they are on the right track and becomes quite clear.




Birth number 6:

The people with this birth number are the ones who take care of everyone. They are among the most useful. Their goal is to be there and feed the people in their lives.

This is one of the essential and achieving goals a person can have.




Birth number 7:

People with this birth number are intellectuals. They are the ones who question everything. Their goal is really to bring out a new perspective and make tough decisions.

They are always looking for the truth and that makes them perfect for many things in this world.




Birth number 8:

People with this birth number are always looking for something. They are looking for something they may never find but that makes so much difference all the time.

They are very important individuals while they may not know it. Their objective is far from being as defined as they would like.

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Birth number 9:

People with this birth number are those who follow the tradition. They don’t like getting their hands dirty and they tend to accept things for what they are without a doubt.

However, these people work well in transforming negative energies into positive without even realizing it. Their goal is to really find balance and work towards something positive in this world.


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  1. Michael Haase

    You didn’t discuss angel numbers. If your birthdate number is 11 – 22- or 33 you don’t reduce to a single digit For these numbers have special meaning’s, they are called angel numbers. If these numbers come up in anyone of the top 5 ( life path, destiny, soul urge, personality or personal ) number you don’t reduce them.

  2. Lupita Kavoke

    My birthday is on May 24 2007 and there was no number for 11.

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