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Who Were You in Your Past Life Based on Your Birthday

The date of birth is much more than a date on which we celebrate our birthday. This day largely determines our future and our past.

We present to you an interesting interpretation of the date of our birth. Check for yourself what you could have been in a previous life based on your birthday.



From July 14 to 28, September 23 to 27, October 3 to 17:

a guru with a big heartYou have been a guru with a big heart in your past life.

You have captivated people with your charm and your intelligence. You had a big influence on everything. You have been on the side of the weak. You have been a true leader and teacher for the people, almost a messiah. They followed you everywhere.

Today, you don’t like loneliness and you help people in need. You are not a very sociable person, in eccentric moments. In this life, you know very well what you want and how to get there. In love, your actions come first from your mind and your logic than from your heart.




From January 22 to 31, from September 8 to 22:

a traveling artistYou have been a traveling artist in your past life.

A person with a very wild fantasy, you have had the talent to entertain people. You have been the center of attention. You have had many lovers.

In today’s life, you are sensitive but you do not easily show your feelings. Keep attracting your adventures, but now you’re tied to one place and one person. In this life, you have a keen and penetrating mind and there is no problem that you cannot solve.




From July 29 to August 11, from October 30 to November 7:

advocate of justiceYou have been a leading advocate of justice in your past life.

Your power had been tact and cool-headed behavior. You have planned each action well and you have chosen your objectives very wisely. In addition, you have been a good speaker and a good writer.

In today’s life, you are a very honest and straightforward person, and despise any form of violence. You love humanitarian activities and wholeheartedly, helping the sick and the weak.

However, you often lack confidence and sometimes underestimate your abilities. Very sensitive and loving person, you dedicate your whole being to love.

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From January 8 to 21, from February 1 to 11:

a gracious banditYou have been a gracious bandit in your past life.

You were born into a poor family and because of this, you realize much earlier that the world was divided into rich and poor. Your motto of the past – “Take from the rich and give to the poor.”

And today you are idealists, but more cautious than before. You will first rethink and then react. You only open your heart to those friends who have proven they deserve it. In love, you are too demanding and dream of experiencing it with body and soul.




From March 1 to 10, from November 27 to December 18:

master of the empireYou have been a master of the empire in your past life.

Proud and ambitious, you had great intelligence. You have managed to climb to the royal throne, you have become the ruler of a great empire. You reigned with rigor and discipline.

In today’s life, you don’t like to be commanded and guided by others. You don’t like to give your command to someone else. Love your freedom and with all the strength you try to keep it. You are a great individualist and you reject everything collectively. In love, you are also too selfish and your whole love story is short-lived.




From February 12 to 29, from August 20 to 31:

the favorite of the kingsYou have been the favorite of the kings and rulers in your past life.

You never received anything with violence. Everything you have done with tact and gentleness, and you have managed to capture many hearts. However, very often you have been in trouble because of the jealousy of your opponents.

Today, you are a very sensitive person and you get angry when someone stirs up in your personal affairs. You are afraid of loneliness and isolation. With your loved one, you are suspicious and very difficult. You don’t show your feelings.




From April 20 to May 8, from August 12 to 19:

a ruthless conquerorYou have been a ruthless conqueror in your past life.

Megalomania and the desire to impose one’s will on others have been the most characteristic features of your past life. You have had many adversaries. You have been ruthless towards the enemies and towards the one who stood in the way of the goal.

In today’s life, you hate authority and authoritative people. You seek peace and harmony. Your thirst for freedom is very strong and you are constantly looking for new adventures. In love, you are very jealous, but you are always ready to give your soul to the person who enchants you with affection and feelings.

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From May 9 to 27, from June 29 to July 13:

educated wise manYou have been an educated wise man in your past life.

Very well you knew that fame is a double-edged sword. You have been hard on yourself- no mistakes allowed. You have realized that death is not only a physical but also a spiritual event.

In the current life, you are very trusting towards humans. Continue to be an authoritative person with a good reputation. You don’t tolerate “the talkers”. Friendship is a sacred thing for you and you’re a loyal friend. In love life, you are searching for truth, tenderness, and romance.




March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31:

great oratorYou have been a great orator in your past life.

You have been a very intelligent strategist with great public speaking skills. Your weakness – your romantic and loving heart. You have lived love with body and soul and you gave more than received. It is not surprising that after each love accident you became an avenger.

In today’s life, you still have public speaking skills and seek an even stronger relationship with others. You do not tolerate people with poor souls. For the friendship you give everything and your friends can always count on you. In love, you are very wary and jealous.




From May 28 to June 18, from September 28 to October 2:

tender-hearted adventurerYou have been a tender-hearted adventurer.

The meaning of life for you had been there to discover unknown places. As a very curious personality with an extravagant imagination, you have sought to quench your thirst for adventure. You have wanted to learn many foreign languages and have come to many foreign places.

Now you are a very independent person with different interests. You always try to discover new horizons and do not want to settle in the same place. In love, again, you are in search of a soul mate.




April 1 to 19, November 8 to 17:

known mutineerYou have been a known mutineer in your past life.

You have constantly sought to discover the mystic. You have had great prophetic power and you have certainly engaged in white magic. You have been very sociable. Your love for others had been more spiritual than physical.

In today’s life, you are an authoritarian personality with a critical mind. Very sensitive and price-sensitive people. Being a great psychologist, you quickly understand what people are hiding from you. In love, you give everything and you want the same from your partner.

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January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26:

brilliant intellectualYou were a brilliant intellectual.

Your main qualities had been honesty and intelligence. You did not miss any envious enemy, because of your brilliant mind. Your prophetic visions were deeply linked to your intuition. You have constantly sought new knowledge and discoveries.

In your present life, you have come with a sense of duty to people. You have brought many positive qualities. Now your intellect is much larger and you are striving to explore your soul deeply. Your motto is: “I want to reveal the roots of all secrets.”


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