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This Unusual Spiritual Test Will Tell a Lot About Your Vision of Life

It’s time to be imaginative! Take this simple spiritual test do discover your real vision about life and death.


Question number 1:

You are swimming in the ocean.

What do you feel? What is your first impression?




Question number 2:

You are walking in a dark, damp forest.

How do you feel when you look at the soil of this forest?




Question number 3:

You find yourself watching a flight of seagulls.

What are you feeling?




Question number 4:

You are hiking through a desert and you see a herd of wild horses galloping along the path.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind?




Question number 5:

You are crossing a desert and you find an oasis.

What are you going to do?




Question number 6:

In this same desert, you have walked too much. You are totally exhausted. Suddenly you see a pitcher of water.

What are you doing with it?




Question number 7:

Instead of a desert, you find yourself lost in the woods. You find a house without lighting.

What will you do?




Question number 8:

You are lost in the fog.

What will you do?




Ready for some answers?

  • # 1 represents your attitude toward life and feelings.
  • # 2 represents the way you feel about your family.
  • # 3 represents your feelings about women.
  • # 4 represents your feelings toward men.
  • # 5 represents your overall strategies and life goals, illustrating how you solve your problems.
  • # 6 represents your sex life and your ideal partner.
  • # 7 represents your state of mind for the wedding.
  • # 8 represents your attitude toward death.
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  1. Aidan McFerris

    Hmmmm…this was quite interesting. Especially since I believe my answers are far from the norm!

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