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How You Try to Escape Reality, According to Your Zodiac Sign

How do you escape reality? What is your coping mechanism when things don’t work the way you want? Life can be a little too much sometimes and this is where we feel the need to escape our reality if it is not at all, but at least for a while!

We all have our own way of coping with circumstances and a must-do activity or place of escape. For some, it involves reading a book, slipping into bed, watching series and some will meditate.

And sometimes our coping mechanisms are not healthy for us, but we do them anyway.

Keep reading to discover the coping mechanism of each zodiac sign and how they escape reality:




Dreamy Aries always have one thought or another in mind. Especially when it comes to a difficult situation or a failure, their mental space becomes cluttered with junky thoughts. This makes them irritable.

To escape reality, they do a lot of physical training and exercise. Anything from cardio to freehand. They will sweat from stress for a quieter and cluttered free reality. They are in a sweaty escape.





TaurusTenacious Taureans take a long time to manage change and failure. They like to feel that everything is beautiful in their world! And you have to admit that Netflix gives you the absolute slice of the oasis when your world is in chaos.

I understand you completely, why you love movies and TV series on Netflix so much! Let’s face it, nothing beats getting lost in someone else’s happy story.





GeminiThe charming and talkative Geminis lead a life in full size … Er … I mean gossip size! Their form of escaping reality is in the form of gossip and long conversations in which they continue indefinitely on what is wrong with their lives, grumbling at the people who have hurt them.

This gives them validation that “oh yes my life sucks because of this person X”.





CancerEternally romantic Cancers live on the frenzy of reading love stories and happily ever after stories!

They prefer to read Love Story of Erich Segal or imagine the handsomeness of Mr. Darcy, which makes them feel that everything is fine in the world (although the world is fictitious here).

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LeoLeos love to be the center of attraction and feed on their royal egos.

What better way to escape reality and be the center of attraction than taking a Mikey in an open auditorium and showing off your speaking or musical skills. They are into a showy escape.





VirgoThe very practical Virgos do not even know the meaning of escape. I mean what an escape is when there is so much to manage! They plunge headfirst into the heart of the issues.

Their escape motto is “You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape!”





LibraThe beautiful and charming Libras want to lead life with style, comfort, and wealth. And so their form of escape is also very stylish! They would take a week’s vacation, so everyone knows they’re on vacation.

What could be better than spending a vacation in an exotic place to escape reality!





ScorpioVery sexy and passionate Scorpios love and I mean really love sex! They prefer to get lost in the tangle of skin and sheets rather than in difficult realities and failures.

Their escape motto is “Let’s have more sex please”.

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SagittariusAdventurous Saggitarians will run on the beach, hike, or plan an impromptu vacation on an unknown island.

Adventure is in their veins. They escape reality by putting on their adventurous shoes.





CapricornPractical and responsible Capricorns like to meditate or do therapeutic exercises to calm their mind in the face of reality troubles. You can only function well when you are at peace with yourself.

They know it very well. Meditation too. They then reflect on what can be done for their next action plan. The escape mode for Capricorns is to turn on their meditative lights.





AquariusThe free-spirited and eccentric Aquarians do not have a wide range of escape mechanisms going from smoking pot to gardening by simply thinking of another happy situation in their minds.





PiscesThe talented Pisces escape from reality in their creativity. It can be writing, painting, music, etc.

Now that you know that your escape mechanisms take a deep breath and take a vacation from the trouble for a while but yes don’t get lost while you are on the run. Find your way to reality!

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