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Will Your New Year’s Wish Come True? Choose a Shooting Star and Get an Answer!

Have you ever made a wish for the new year?

Whenever we approach a new year, it is normal to set goals for our lives and objectives that we would like to achieve. In these moments we ask for help from the universe, the stars or any other source or belief we may have, and we hope that we will be supported in this new stage of our life.

If you have already made a wish for this new year, this test could allow you to know a little more about the chances of its realization. To know if your New Year’s wish will come true, you will have to choose one of the 3 shooting stars illustrated in the image below.

Select the one that suits you best. Then read on and find out what the test tells you about wishing you a New Year.

Will Your New Year's Wish Come True

Have you chosen yours? So let’s get to the results!

If your choice was…



Shooting star number 1:

You are a persevering and hopeful person.

You know life is not always easy and things don’t always go as planned, but you never give up. If you have a dream or goal in mind, don’t let anything shake you or let you give up.

You do your part and maintain an optimistic attitude, this is why your wish will most certainly come true for this new year.

Show that you deserve to be fulfilled with happiness through your actions and the universe will compensate you.




Shooting star number 2:

You have significant demands for 2020.

And you know that if you really want to manifest them in real life, it’s important that you leave your comfort zone a bit and show that you are ready to do your part and organize your daily life.

It is entirely possible that your desire will be fulfilled and that you can experience an incredible 2020 event, but for this, you need to start working now and start acting according to the reality that you want to live.

The realization of your desire is more in your hands than in someone else’s or in the universe.




Shooting star number 3:

Stop for a moment and think: are you really doing your part to make your wish come true?

The universe is not a kind of fairy godmother who only fulfills wishes. It works in a different way. Everything we attract is a consequence of what we emanate.

Therefore, if you want your wish to come true, you must act accordingly. For the moment, you are a little far from your realization, but things may well evolve. Change your attitude and your reality will also change.

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