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Choose a Card and Discover the Greatest Secrets Hidden Inside You:

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Choose a card and discover the greatest secrets hidden inside you:

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The card No. 1:

You are a sympathetic, loving, sensitive person. However, you often put the feelings and needs of other people f¡rst in relation to yours.

As you are the counselor of those around you and you are happy to cheer the lives of other people, do not forget that self-care is essential to be able to offer wise advice. You need to be extra careful with people who just want to use you. Adored!


The card No. 2:

You are an outgoing person, good-natured and extremely optimistic. Face the challenges of life with motivation and leave out all feelings of negativity. You are an example to the people around you, who always try to follow your model.

Social life is essential for you because you love to socialize and create new connections. You are also very open and tolerant of people and the world at large.


The card No. 3:

You are cautious because you have suffered a lot because of people and life situations, and therefore you need twice the time to develop trust. You are also a perfectionist and always think long before acting, to avoid mistakes and failures.

Your feelings can fluctuate instantly from love and attention to indifference.


The card No. 4:

You are an independent, strong and determined person. The more you control your life situations, the better you’ll feel. This reveals a lack of trust in the people around you, and it’s something you have to work on because everyone should have the same opportunities.

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