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Choose the Key that Attracts You the Most and Unlock Your Inner Magic

Keys have always been considered mysterious and special. In history, keys have great symbolic and spiritual significance. Keys can be used for divination and also for ritual purposes.

Have you ever heard of the key to magic?

It represents the power of the wizard, sorcerer or witch. Most of the time the old keys used by the witch/mage possess very powerful energy.

Focus on the image and the keys on it. Each key has a special meaning and describes our inner magic. To begin this test, look carefully at the image and, depending on your feelings, choose the one that attracts you the most.



1. The key of the Triple Goddess

This is the key that belongs to the Triple Goddess. This is her tool to find a balance between nature and the world. This key is called triquetra and symbolizes the three aspects of the Divine: the girl, the mother and the Crone.

If you chose this key, it indicates that you were born to work miracles. You are a special creature blessed by Apollo, God of Light and all Blessings. Just try to find a balance, and prepare to take risks, you will always succeed.




2. The key to Eros

Love is the most important thing in life and you will need to focus on it. This key belongs to Eros, God of love. You have the special power of love and powerful bonds. You are able to heal all kinds of diseases and this key can open all the doors in front of you.

But you must remember that your power can turn against you and hurt you. Do not give your love to anyone. You are a romantic person, with a pure heart and soul that can produce the purest and strongest emotions that exist.

But do not open your heart to anyone, because some people do not deserve it and can hurt you. Open all your chakras and let love be your guide.




3. The key to Aphrodite

This is the key to the goddess of beauty, love, and peace. This key symbolizes peace and freedom and brings harmony, beauty, and love. If you chose this key, you are a person who wants a new start and carries burdens of the past.

Use this special key to forget the past, forget everything and free you. Accept reality as it is and head for new success. This will be the only way to reach fullness and happiness.




4. The key to the Druids

This is the key to the ancient mystic druids. The Celtic knot that is the key is a symbol of life and spirits, their interconnection is clearly shown.

It means that you have Wisdom and you know the truth. Use this key to evolve as a person and seek a way to manipulate energy, spread positivity, and respect nature. Nature attracts you and you should answer its call.




5. The Royal Key

This is the key to ancient kings, the rulers of the Earth. If you chose this key, it means that you are a very ambitious person and you aim very high.

You are always focused and ready to fight for the things you want. This key will help you unlock the doors of your personal success, but it will also remind you that you must not forget to laugh, have fun, take things lightly, spend time with friends and family and be happy. This is the most complex key of all. This key will teach you that you are your biggest obstacle to success.




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