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12 Signs that Indicate You Are Not Following Your Inner Truth

“You have to start by feeling respect for yourself: everything else will follow.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

All our relationships can be seen as a reflection of our relationship with ourselves, and it is our duty to make relationships take a good turn. We are solely responsible for our happiness and well-being.

By trusting ourselves, listening to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we become more authentic and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to feel good about ourselves. But when we are not well in our skin, we project on others what we do not accept at home.

Here are some signs that you do not follow your inner truth:



You do the things you hate repeatedly.

Whether it’s a job, a lifestyle or a relationship, if you continue to do the same things you hate, not only is it unhealthy, but it can also cause mental disorders and emotions like anxiety and depression.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel, you already know it’s time to get off.



You put yourself last.

Doing things for others can bring us joy and satisfaction, but there is some selfishness that we can not ignore. When we give too much of our time and energy, we can think that there is no harm in that, but beware, we all need to recharge our batteries.



You wear judgments.

Remember that every time you go out on someone, whether behind their backs or in front of them, you experience an aspect of your own shadow. So, transform these words because what you just said is exactly what you need to heal.

Judging someone means that you are not feeling good about yourself; you are too hard on yourself and you do not accept yourself as you are.

When we judge others, not only do we present an aspect of ourselves, but we unknowingly hurt someone else, according to our own perception of the world in the way we see others.



You seek the validation of others.

We seek the attention and validation of others when we miss something. A void that must be filled, and without the proper tools and introspection to understand and mitigate the cause, we seek an external reaction.

You are the cause and the reaction. What you are looking for in the world is already in you, you already know the answer because you asked the question. Measure yourself by your own standards and set the bar high because you are worth it.



You’re lying.

Even the smallest lie is a reflection of your self-confidence. Do not belittle yourself to try to impress someone else. Those who do not respect the truth, do not deserve your time.



You’re angry.

What is anger? Where does it come from? And why does it have the ability to boil our blood so much!

Anger can strike for a variety of reasons. Anger indicates that you are not satisfied with your current situation, whether emotionally or psychologically. To be clear, your basic needs are not being met.

“When someone makes you angry, know that it is your judgment that makes you angry.”



You let others give you too much advice in your life.

Whether it is our parents, our friends, our colleagues or our bosses, we always get advice from somewhere, (whether we ask them or not it’s another story.)

See for yourself- even if what you are told resonates within you, the real you, the child who has expectations and dreams for himself. Be aware of what you allow in your decision making, it is your life and you are the only one to live it.



You hide your emotions.

Too often, people choose to hide their emotions because they are afraid of misunderstanding or what they might find buried and hidden in the depths of the mind.

To drown the emotions, we try to stifle our intuition by using alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and all that we can use as a distraction, which prevents us from facing directly what is at hand. And the sad thing when we chose to forget the bad is that we also forgot the good.



You can not weigh the pros and cons.

You can not add more water to your glass if it is already full. When we are unable to let go of past experiences, working through them emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, we have the impression that we can not bear anything else.

Naturally, we seek the fun aspects of life and deny all responsibility. Very often, we know this as the midlife crisis. That’s all we’ve been trying to avoid for so long and that will always end up working somehow. Whenever we are ready to stop running and let go of our pain and suffering, we can release its hold on us. Empty your glass.



You are tough with yourself.

Self-acceptance and humility go together. Even though many people think that we all make mistakes, I am not one of them. In other words, we are perfect, all in our own way.

Life is a question of learning and growth, it is not about pointing out our karma, and when we can forgive ourselves for things we do not know, that we know now, we rise to love and self-acceptance.



You do not follow your heart.

You will always get a boost, an internal accomplice, whether you face or not, one of the situations in life. However, it is common that this boost is neglected; usually, it is masked by the emotional triggers of the brain, which obscure the mind and prevent you from going in the right direction.

It is generally for this reason that it is strongly discouraged to take a decision in a hurry. Always take the time to separate your feelings or inner knowledge from your emotions and then follow your heart.



You do not trust your intuition.

We all have intuition. A flash of insight or an inner voice that guides our decision-making process, but it’s up to you whether you want to listen to it or not.

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