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12 Silent Messages Your Guardian Angel is Sending You

Who are the Guardian Angels? What would they like to convey? They are imperceptible creatures who accompany people in order to reassure them, to warn them against specific dangers or to move them with thoughts. They accompany everyone through our lives and send us calm messages. It depends on us to understand how to see them, to read them.

How to perceive the message of a guardian angel? It is, for example, a book that falls before our eyes and opens on a specific page. On this page, if you put aside the effort of reading, you will find an answer to a question that was simply asked previously. It’s a call from a friend when you feel pitiful. It is money that suddenly falls and spares us real chaos.

To get a message, the most consistent thing is to ask a question, or make a supplication, to converse with your guardian angel. He will respond in a flash or during the day; at best, he will send a sign. We must be careful to interpret their silent messages, they are unpretentious and symbolic. The medium can untangle their signs, their silent messages. Because the medium knows obscure images.



A portion of the silent messages that guardian angels send:

  • A white light or sparkle, stars that appear before us when we seek thought or help, a solace;
  • In a similar thought, a wide range of objects that reflect light in order to get us out of our considerations when we consider problems that worry us;
  • A red light warns of their quality;
  • Flashes of white or various light when our eyes are closed;
  • A flashing road light;
  • A stranger who will answer a question you ask yourself rationally;
  • A child who smiles at you;
  • Presence of an angel or a friend or family member who died during a dream;
  • The feeling that someone is helping you warms you up when you’re pitiful;
  • A fledging that flies near you sings when you pass or look at you;
  • A strange response from an animal;
  • A feather, a coin found by chance.

Your guardian angel can communicate with you in several ways. It can send you silent messages through your dreams.

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How guardian angels send you messages through your dreams:

What Silent Messages Is Your Guardian Angels Sending You 2

  • A look at your life and yourself. Your guardian angel can send you messages during dreams that are intended to make it easier for you to understand your state of mind and practices and their impact on your life so that you can see what is solid and what requires change. Your guardian angel can also send messages that feature your interests and gifts so you can decide the most ideal approach to finding your goals.
  • Healing. Through healing messages, your guardian angel helps you remember the wait to repair the agony and the wounds of the past that you have endured. Undoubtedly, this can draw your attention to the situations that you had a while ago and after that, give you a dream showing you how your life can get better later, in case you put your trust in him and in yourself.
  • Warning. If you are facing a dangerous situation, but you do not know it, your guardian can send you a warning message about it through your dreams and show you the steps you can take to protect yourself.
  • Warning. If you are facing a bad situation, however, you have no knowledge of it, your guardian can send you a message about it through your dreams and show you the steps you can take to make sure.
  • A prescience. Your guardian angel can send you predictions here and there through your dreams, but just in case it really helps (to like, what you need to do to plan a future occasion).
  • Encouragement. When your guardian angel sends you empowering messages through your dreams, these calm messages will either build your self-confidence or help you find and accomplish what you can do. Your Guardian Angel can help you find your true worth.
  • A powerful tip to pursue. Whenever your guardian angel visits you during your dreams, after waking up, the main activity is to take some paper and a pen to write down the details. You have to compose each of the discussions, the scents, the clothes of the world that were available in your fantasy, etc.

In this way, you will certainly decipher your dreams and understand what your guardian angel is trying to let you know.

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