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How to Decode Secret Messages in Your Dreams by Your Spirit Guides

Did you know that your dreams contain coded messages from your higher self and from your spiritual guides? Learn to decode your dreams with the following simple tools.

What comes to mind when you hear about dream interpretation? Do you see yourself lying on the sofa in a psychologist’s office, talking to a Freudian professor? Sitting in front of a psychic behind a crystal ball? Using dream dictionaries? Or yourself, alone, in deep meditation reflecting on what dreams mean?

The latter would win the least number of votes because since the medicalization of Western dreams has become an area for the other. Dreams have become, or we have allowed them to become, an area for certified specialists who can unearth dream data and systematically recreate the message that our unconscious tells us.

Therefore, the general perception is that only another person, with expertise and an understanding of the intricate details of the dream world, can tell us what our dreams mean. Far from them, I say!

I believe that no one can understand better what your dreams mean than you do. I also believe that we, as humans, have long demonstrated our ability to think, understand, and create a world outside of ourselves. Why do we need outside help to understand our own inner worlds?



Your inner guides’ communication:

I believe that dreams are both fleeting and real, they are part of our psyche and yet they are linked beyond our selves and when we leave our guard off we allow it the freedom to exceed limits of our prejudices, perceptions and predetermined metaphors for reality forces it to abide by during the day.

Therefore, when our mind dreams, it emanates both from our deep psyche and also becomes synchronized with a larger reality (i.e. the universal consciousness that connects everyone and everything together in a way that we still don’t understand), allowing our ephemeral to go beyond our physical constraints and towards more universal realities and dimensions.

Dreams are a great way for our inner selves and our spiritual guides to communicate with us. We have become so busy in the physical world, and we keep our minds focused on trivial and stressful activities, that we do not give our minds time to relax and be present in the moment.

Therefore, dreams become even more essential and of greater consequence for us to understand.

We need to listen to what our inner guide says when he interprets the message he is trying to communicate to us, and that many of us (for lack of practice) hear only faintly.

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How to decode your dreams?

How to Decode Secret Messages in Your Dreams by Spirit Guides (2)There is no formula for analyzing dreams. Interpreting dreams consists of carefully reviewing what you experienced in your dream and deepening their meaning.

Dreams are personal experiences, which is why your dreams should be understood only in the context of your individuality and your journey of self-discovery. To interpret your dreams, you will need to:



1. Keep a record of them:

This is a crucial step in the analysis and interpretation of your dreams. Dreams are a communication of your unconscious and must, therefore, be first introduced into the realm of the concrete, that is, written and recorded.

Create a dream diary next to your bed where you can record everything you remember about your dream. If you don’t remember the dream, just write “no dream to record.” In a few weeks, you will start to remember dreams.



2. Reflect and identify your state:

Your written record of the dream does not show the state of your emotions. Therefore, once you have written down what you remember from the dream, ask yourself: How did I feel during the dream? How did I feel when you woke up?

This means that you learn about the simple emotions that you felt during the dream: were you angry, unhappy, happy, remorseful, etc.? Now realize if what you felt during the dream has entered your consciousness: do you feel the same after waking up from the dream? Are your feelings comfortable?



3. Relegate the dream dictionary:

Do not structure or impose meaning on your dreams. Dictionaries are for that. Your dreams must be understood the way they appeared to you and what you do with them.

It is true that collective meanings and universal symbols exist in dreams; they have little impact on your self-analysis and growth. Only you can know better what symbolism means. I believe that each of us carries very personal stories, each one being the result of his own situation and each having a different impact on his life.

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4. Talk to yourself:

You are the expert when it comes to assessing your dreams. You have to trust your inner guide to guide you through your unconscious. You have a unique world within you, explore it!

Realize what you thought: your ambitions, your problems, the aspect of yourself with which you unconsciously know that it is necessary to work. Once you know yourself, you can plan how you take care of them.

Now that you have the tools for dream interpretation, create a “dream diary” and place it next to your bed. After a while, you will start to see the patterns of your dream world, which will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and possibly your spiritual lessons.



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