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7 Important Signs that Your Soul Is Trying to Guide You

Our soul has a very special way of communicating with us. As human language is too restrictive for it, it communicates with us through symbols, in dreams or even through animals.

However, when we observe any of these signs, we generally ignore that it is a way for them to communicate with us, and we may tend not to believe because we do not have enough knowledge on this topic.

Here are 7 important signs that may indicate that your soul is trying to guide you:



1. Synchronicities:

Have you ever seen a series of events happen in a way that seemed special or unusual? You might think it was a fluke, when in reality it could be synchronicities.

What are synchronicities?

The synchronicities are meaningful moments of coincidence when our inner and outer worlds are aligned. Synchronicity is often a good way to say that you are on the right track because everything seems to be going on without your conscious effort.

You may even feel that the universe is playing an active role in making your dreams come true.

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2. Intuition:

7 Important Signs that Your Soul Is Trying to Guide You

Intuition is different from your inner voice because it is subtle, calm and centered, rather than hectic or aggressive. It is important to make this distinction.

Many people believe that they are guided by intuition when in reality, they are guided by their inner voice which tries to protect them.

The intuition can be seen as the voice of our soul that communicates with us. Whenever you feel attracted to something or someone (without a scary reason), it certainly indicates that your soul is trying to guide you.




3. Visions during meditation:

Meditation is another way to get in touch with your soul. It is a calm, spacious space filled with positive waves.

Meditating for at least 30 minutes is a powerful way to have a mystical experience. A common mystical experience is to tune into spontaneous visions or names when you meditate. These visions or names could be from your current spiritual guide or could be directly a message from your soul.

Typically, the images you see or the words you hear will have a specific theme that seems foreign to you (for example, it could be from an ancient culture), and they will be very repetitive. You will also feel that it is important that you pay attention to it.

You can keep a meditation diary to record these visions, pictures, words or songs. This will help you better understand what your soul is trying to tell you.




4. Signs in dreams:

7 Important Signs that Your Soul Is Trying to Guide You

According to psychologists, dreams are a way for the unconscious to make sense of reality. However, in ancient cultures, such as Egypt and Greece, dreams were messages from spirits, gods or the divine kingdom. Many Aboriginal cultures also used dreams as a gateway to higher consciousness and revelation.

Today, the majority of healers believe that dreams express messages and truths about a person’s life and destiny.

Pay attention to your dreams and the images, symbols, and scenarios they contain. You can keep a dream journal and write down your immediate impressions. You can also read a dictionary of dreams.

However, be aware that you will rarely find the real message that your dream is trying to get you because it is very personal. For example, a snake can be a positive sign for one person and a negative sign for another.

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5. Spontaneous lucid dreams:

Becoming aware of your dreams is not only symbolic on a spiritual level, but it is also an opportunity to explore what is hidden in your unconscious.

If you are used to having spontaneous lucid dreams, consider them a blessing. Few can access the depths of the unconscious realms. See it as an opportunity to ask yourself questions and find a direction that you would not otherwise be able to access in waking life.




6. Presence of animals:

7 Important Signs that Your Soul Is Trying to Guide You

Every day we meet many animals. When you pay attention to these different animals, you realize that they all have a specific lesson, message or energy for you.

However, the meaning you assign to different animals is very personal, so it is important that you follow your gut.

To discover your own meanings, observe the animals you meet constantly every day. Look at them and try to understand what they are trying to teach you. How do they behave, move or are they noisy?

For example, you might constantly see crows. By observing them, you might realize that they always make a lot of noise and that they move all the time. They may be trying to make you understand that you should be more attentive to suppressed emotions so that they can be released.

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7. Repetitive words or numbers:

Repetitive words and numbers are used to “awaken us” momentarily. Why else would we give them so much importance? When we see a repeating number or hear a name/word repeatedly, it is an obvious sign of the soul trying to send us a message.

So, be more attentive to everything around you. Your soul could teach you valuable lessons and deep knowledge to guide you on the right path and help you activate your full potential. Thanks to it, you can get to know yourself better and become your most authentic version.



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