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10 Spiritual Advices to Make You a Stronger Person

I do not think that the secular truth or wisdom of man can be contained in a few rules, but I find that trying to improve with the help of spiritual advice, is the beginning of a long and deep journey in the desert of our life, a ray of light in the darkness of monotony and mechanicality.

Fears, daily anxieties, the weight of unpleasant memories, our feelings of guilt: all this makes us “slaves” of ourselves. So, if we try to find a balance, if we look for a way to end our inner war and be free, it may be useful to follow a track…

Let’s see then in detail some of these rules:


Do not blindly worship and do not bind yourself to any doctrine or ideology.

Systems of thought are only means, a guide, they are not the absolute truth. A popular saying in Vietnam says: “Truth in dogma and form dies, but in the dress of art and poetry it lives!”.

This first rule establishes the absolute freedom of man and makes the idea of the search for wisdom concrete. Truth is not found in books or religions, it is found in life, in everyday experience; it is in the light of reality, in the practice of patience, of loving oneself and of others. In short, religion, philosophy, politics are only the procedure, the means, the raft that will take us to the deepest sense of universal laws.

Notions, intellectualism can be an obstacle to our evolution: the heart and the mind can not be expressed in the emptiness and in the cold of an intellectual form. Only what you feel is true, only what makes you free and happy to be yourself is true.



Be ready to learn throughout your life and to observe reality in yourself and in the world every time.

Here we speak of the intelligence of man, which is expressed in humility, in the lack of arrogance towards life and its magnificent teachings. The wise person always keeps himself “free” mentally, cultivates openness towards everything: he is like a child, he wants to learn, he wants to discover the secret of everything.

Furthermore, we find the concept of “acceptance”, that is, recognizing reality for what it really is, free from the filter of our fears, free to be our mother. The acceptance of life as it is does not constitute a limit for the man who wants to grow: in fact, whenever we are able to accept with love the most unpleasant, painful, terrifying aspect of our individual reality, like that of collective, we will be using an opportunity to become patient, kind and wise.



Cultivate “mindfulness” at all times. Mindfulness is the most mature fruit of true love.

This fact is based on understanding and the profound vision of all phenomena. To nurture it one must be aware of one’s life, one must live in contact with the colors of reality, one must always be present in the miracle of life; in short, the trick lies in the awareness that allows you to live with the whole heart the present moment.

Life, the blue sky, a child’s outstretched hand, the smile of the sun, the voice of the wind are here and now! Not tomorrow … not in the past. Only in this way, in the present moment, can we really be alive, worthy and happy, only by touching and living every moment can we say: “Here I am, I am here! I’m alive! It’s me!”



Always give the best of yourself.

Life is an adventure, so it should be lived as such: we learn to be free and happy, to dominate our tensions through understanding and kindness towards ourselves; we learn to see in everything information for our evolution.

When we start a new job, or when we meet a difficult person, or when the hand of destiny shakes our heart, we feel like unable to act, powerless, and so the film of our habitual fears flows on the screen of our mind: fear not to make it, the fear of succumbing, crushed by a mountain of failures, makes us slaves of ourselves and leaves us alone in that world of unpleasant memories.

But life is a challenge, always give the best of yourself, you’re not here to win, but to give everything you have! You can not lose if you believe and fight with all your heart! The underlying tension that creates our fear disarms us and destroys the few possibilities we had to make it. So when we have a problem, let’s not set the solution as the sole objective, but let’s remember that we are here to give only the best of ourselves.



Do not get used to life.

Life is a precious gift, it is full of wonders, it is like a child playing on a lawn, it never gets tired of being amazed. Alain said: “Habit hides reality”. I find it true. So we try not to make our lives automatic, we try not to lose our spontaneity, to always see the ‘eyes of the moon’ and the ‘smile of the sun’. We look for the song of the wind in the silence of our most intimate moments.

Children teach us that the source of happiness lies in wonder at reality. The sages remind us that only in the magic of life is the path to infinity, let us not forget it.



Do not repress your real personality.

A person can only be happy by being herself and not what others want it to be. On this earth we all have a task, so to understand our purpose more clearly it is important to follow the dictates of our soul. Such as? Following our deepest aspirations, completely realizing our personality in the social.

It is essential not to play parts to be accepted by others. It is very important that everyone express their nature in a spontaneous and sincere way, only in this way we find our real dimension of human beings.



The only security you have is the reference to the universe that is in you and the possibility that you have in every instant to create.

Only with the awareness that everything is interdependent, we realize that “everything is in us, as we are in everything”.

A sheet of paper is made from the tree that has been cut, from the cloud that with its rain has nourished that tree, from the woodcutter that has worked for us, from the earth, the wind, the stars … All the universe is present in a simple sheet of paper, and we too, because everything coexists … and if we understand this concept we come to understand that only by referring to our universal, which is expressed through openness to new insights, we can really evolve.

This door open to all that surrounds us gives us the opportunity to create, develop, invent, build projects of happiness for us and for those around us. Therefore, let’s throw ourselves into the sea of life to create what we feel truer.



Remember that today is today’s party.

Every day is unique and unrepeatable: we give strength to our days, filled with joy and harmony. We do everything as if it were the most important, we make everything sacred. We celebrate life for what it is: beautiful or ugly, it is always perfect because it is our life, our history.



Learn to touch the pain and transform suffering into joy.

Any spiritual exercise is always based on two fundamental principles: stopping and looking, that is concentration and natural wisdom. I find that practicing these two elements consistently is essential to achieve a good understanding of ourselves.

Such as? We can pray, meditate, fast, practice physical exercises, but with the attention and the heart of an artist. Everyone can find the right way for himself. Concentration and wisdom allow us to really touch life, to get in touch with all the natural elements that are already in us, like the sea, the sun, the mountain. This is not fantasy, it is the reality. In fact, we are all this too. In the depths of our heart, we have the strength and dignity of a mountain.

Thus, in the face of suffering, we will not be unprepared, because we will have found a way to recharge ourselves with joy and positivity, through the natural forces that surround us. Every day we will work for our inner peace by touching and tasting the taste of life, every day we will get in touch with the flowers of our garden, with the blue sky. So, when the hard times come, we will remember that all is not lost, that all is not finished, we will remember the fragrance of the flowers and the strength of the mountain that is in us.



Never go against the unity of creation.

To avoid spiritual illness it is important to understand that every gesture, every word, every action against others, is also against ourselves. The universe is like a big tree, and we are its small leaves. We all draw our energy from the same source, thus damaging one of our mates, we also damage ourselves.

In conclusion, I think everyone should find for themselves the way to put these teachings into practice, remembering that these are just a means to achieve happiness. Good job!

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