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Test your Vibrations Using these 4 signs from the Universe

It is essential to know about the Law of Attraction and the importance of having a high vibration. But how do you know exactly where your vibration is?

How do you know if you are attracting a reality you want or a reality that you do not want? Here are four quick ways to test your vibration.


Test your vibration using these 4 signs from the Universe:


1. Be attentive to your emotions:

Do a quick emotional test, how do you feel? Quickly check your emotion in relation to its vibration.

Love, joy, enthusiasm, and contentment indicate a high vibratory pattern, while anger, disgust, depression, or boredom indicate a weak vibratory pattern. Feeling “so-so” indicates that you are in between.



2. Make a quick assessment of reality:

Look around, and watch your surroundings – what’s going on? Are we opening a door or are we snapping it in the face? Is it a beautiful day or is it an awful time?

You’ve created this reality with your vibration, so take a quick look around to get the point! If you like what you see, your vibration is high. If you see a lot of obstacles and frustrations, your vibration is weak. If it’s half and half, or just kind of “blah” your vibration is relatively centered between high and low.



3. Do you see multiple numbers or other synchronicities?

Most repetitive digits (1111, 111, 222, 333) and increasing numbers (1234) are all signs that reveal that you are moving on a high vibration.

However, seeing the number 666 or decreasing numbers (4321) are all signs that indicate that you are moving on a lower vibration. No number model suggests neutrality.

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4. Observe your body:

Do you feel like you’re running at full speed today (high vibration) or are you sick, hurt or have aches and pains (low vibration)? Feeling just “normal” means that your vibration is neutral.

These are four signs that you can use every day to inventory your vibration, and so become aware of what kind of reality you are creating for yourself with the Law of Attraction. High vibrations indicate that more good things are coming towards you.

If you are on lower vibration rates – do not worry! These indicators are simply signs that the Universe uses to let you know that you are moving towards a direction that will not take you where you want to go. They are like “forbidden signs” warning you to take a different path.

Take note of these signs of low vibration and make an effort to direct your thoughts and feelings towards a more positive direction, do something you love. Watch a funny movie, play with your pet or do anything that makes you smile!

I hope these signs will help you effectively monitor your vibration. Be alert to your vibration throughout the day to make sure you use the Law of Attraction to your advantage!


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