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The Power in our Hands: Recharge your Spiritual Energy through your Hands

You can recharge your spiritual energy through the power of your hands. How? Keep reading!

We all have the gift of healing in us, even if we do not realize it. To the many doubters, respecting their skepticism, it is useful to remember a small example: a wound manages to heal without much time leaving even no scar!

Healing is beyond physical control, however. When we feel sad and shed tears, our body also works to reassure us. Different philosophies and currents of thought agree on these points, magnificently summarized by a scholar of the Jewish Qabbala who said:

“The word Qabbala has the same root of the word makbil, parallel: and it is the invitation to explore other parallel realities and to relate them to each other. Body and soul have connected reality “.

It is not easy to make this machine work efficiently and intelligently, so it is ideal that we do our part through healthy eating, physical exercises, adequate sleep, care, and body protection. But, just as important, it is to cultivate our immaterial part, that voice too often overwhelmed by the noise of everyday life, a daily life made up of races, problems, troubles and, often, fake goals.

It is therefore essential to cultivate our spiritual side. It is useless to have the best food in the world and to walk every day if one does not keep one’s spirituality balanced.

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Our spiritual energy is what gives us our aura the brightness that our interior emanates. It is, therefore, necessary to listen to that voice, to those symptoms that signal to us that our spiritual energy is reduced to the extreme.

In these situations then try a simple method, some exercise that does not require gyms or special equipment.


How to Recharge your Spiritual Energy through your Hands:


Step 1:

First of all, it is essential to find a quiet place, away from noise and confusion, where nobody can disturb. Here, breathe deeply and relax, clear your head.


Step 2:

Place your hands close together as if to pray and gently squeeze the tips of your fingers and the palms of your hands against each other.

Then put your hands in a position where they touch the center of the forehead, the point where the third eye is located.


Step 3:

Gently rub one hand into the other until it warms up a little. After that, place the right hand over the center of the heart and the left hand over the shoulder.


Step 4:

With eyes closed, visualize a white light that passes from the hands to the body.  See how it goes through every part of the body by restoring and reloading energy centers and promoting great healing.


Step 5:

The moment you realize you have received enough light, open your eyes and carefully squeeze your hands.

Get up, move, breathe, think about how this energy recharge expands inside the body.


Step 6:

Drink a few glasses of water to rehydrate the body and take a short, relaxing walk.

Did you know this method? Have you previously tried it? Write us your opinions and your experiences and share them with your friends!


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