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12 Ways to Identify a Past Life Friend, Lover, or Enemy

The important people in your life are most likely people you have met before. How can you tell?

First, you need to stop and think about it. This is probably the most difficult step. Once you have realized this truth about your interactions with others, you will see it everywhere: former lovers, friends, enemies, family members.

For a while, you could be doing too much by imagining connections from a past life that didn’t really happen. But some connections – the ones that are valid – end up proving themselves time and time again, if you pay attention.

Here are 12 ways to identify the clues of history that put you back in each other’s orbit, for better or for worse. But always, with the possibility of improving your relationship so that the next time you meet, things will get even better (especially in the case of former enemies)!

And it’s likely that you will meet again if you have work to do together. The principles of interdimensional science and your own personal design may require it. So it is wise to do your best with each other now.

12 ways to identify past life friends, lovers, and enemies:



1. Instant rapport:

You start talking and you can’t stop, but the most beautiful of all is the other person who understands you.

You fall into a conversation as if you had resumed a back-and-forth exchange that you had interrupted, oh, maybe centuries ago! (And if it’s a balanced exchange, with shared goals and mutual respect, count yourself lucky and never give up.)




2. Instant dislike:

You have tried to appreciate this person for their good qualities, but something is bothering you and you cannot shake it. And you may not even be able to define why.

You may not have a valid and solid reason in life today, other than a tenacious deep “instinct” (which is another name for memory, in this case).




3. Butterflies in your stomach:

Your stomach will not stabilize when you are with this person. It could even be a romantic relationship in the present, but underlying stress will not allow you to relax.

You are always nervous, maybe trying too hard to please, or maybe subconsciously waiting for a bad turn of events. You might be “happy” in the outdoors, but these butterflies linger.

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4. Longevity:

You have known this person (or a family member) all of your life. In view of this list, take a closer look at them.




5. Similar tastes:

Where do your compatibility lines intersect? Do you both share a passion for ____? You like the same language, the same food or the same foreign culture? Enjoy a sport, an art, a hobby? Have you ever done this together?




6. Ease of partnership:

Do you work well together, like gently oiled gears? Finish each other’s sentences? Do more together than separately? It is a very precious “polarity”, developed over many lifetimes of practice.

Cherish it, no matter how long (working partners) or long (friend or family) it can last.




7. Unquenchable anger:

Nothing ever seems pleasant to you both; you can never make them happy; they seem to act as if you owe them something. You fight a lot for these things.

You sort things out and it happens again. There may be some specific things that act as a trigger. If you can understand what they are, you may be able to identify the situation from the past, which will help you move forward or resolve it in the present.

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8. Guilt:

You always tip the balance to give more than you get back. (Which is certainly a good thing every once in a while, but each time with the same individual it means something invisible is at work.) You feel you owe it to them, but it’s probably not in your consciousness.

You are always looking for them, taking another step, doing more, overcompensating for something invisible in your current life, but still alive deep in your history. They can be a child, a friend, a parent, a brother or sister, a spouse or a colleague in today’s life. You pulled yourself together to find a solution.

Knowing this should help the balance (slowly or quickly) change. It depends entirely on you. Only you can forgive yourself and until you do, their feelings will not change your deep guilt.

By the way, it’s a very common bond between people: guilt and resentment. We often say that if you killed someone on a battlefield, you just married them. Nothing is lost or forgotten in the infinite scheme of an energetic life. That doesn’t mean you have to come back and let them kill you!

It is an old misconception about reincarnation that would not rectify anything, would only perpetuate the seesaw. You will each find your own way of solving this problem when you are ready.




9. Fear:

Your memory may not be on a conscious level, but you know something. Respect it. The events of past life, if they are not recognized and resolved, are often repeated. The circumstances may vary slightly, but the results may be the same.

Learn everything you can. If your gut tells you to run, do it, even if your fear seems extremely unreasonable in today’s life.

Yes, fear can be solved with knowledge about past life, but fear is also a security mechanism to be deeply respected with other people. Take it seriously.

But if that is really not justified in today’s life, you will at least know where it came from and can take steps to rectify this situation through your studies of past-life therapy. Be careful and trust your feelings.




10. Inappropriate sexual attraction:

We very often exchange roles in later lives in order to learn and grow. Someone who was once a lover could now be a family member, or married to another, or of an inappropriate age. The variations are endless, the complications serious. The fact that society does not recognize the influence of past lives does not help matters.

Knowing that feelings come from other relationships in other lives certainly helps to suppress and “put out of phase” these impulses, before putting you in a situation that you will regret. Recognition in conscious awareness: “I knew this person before and we were intimate” can immediately change the bias or the energy feeling.

Even if it’s too late, this knowledge will help you sort through the damage faster and get back on the track you wanted for your current life. Self-forgiveness, self-understanding, self-awareness – these are the keys you will want to have.

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11. Gender irrelevance:

Two souls who have loved each other for many lives, in various roles, can meet again during their alternate gender expressions.

They will choose the type of expression they share in the present, whether as friends, lovers, family, partners of any kind.




12. Flashbacks:

You may suddenly remember your past lives together. Especially if you are aware and alert of the possibility. Trust your intuition.


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