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6 Types of Deep Connections We Will Encounter in Our Lifetime

Whether we realize it or not, all of the experiences we have in this world happen for some reason. The deep connections and our encounters are never the results of chance, they are always meant to teach us something, even when they are painful.

Deep connections are essentially “significant coincidences”. These are people whose purpose is to show us and teach us certain things to help us with our evolving. These types of deep connections take place in various forms.

Everyone who crosses our path has something to teach us. We all learn from each other, whether we are aware of it or not.

Here are the six types of people we will meet throughout our lives:



1. The people who give us hope.

They are people who make a brief appearance in our lives when we need them the most. For a few moments, thanks to their smile, their presence or simply a few comforting words, we feel less alone in this world.

They give us hope when we need it deeply.




2. People who break our hearts.

These are the people who are only there for a while. They are only intended to teach us valuable lessons. These are the people we fall in love with and who go away breaking our hearts and leaving us with deep pain.

As painful as they are, these lessons are essential to our evolution.




3. The people who come to remind us of something important.

Generally, they are only passing through and come to remind us of something important. They make us aware of certain things and help us understand them.

Even if these people are only passing through, they mark us for life.




4. The people who help us grow.

These people are the teachers of the soul. They come to help us become better versions of ourselves. These people are there for us when we need a guide to better understand who we are.




5. The people who come to awaken us.

We must not forget that we will not always make pleasant encounters. Sometimes people come to show us things as they are, although it can be brutal and unpleasant. At the moment, we would rather never have met these people.

However, negativity is also essential for our evolution, because it is in difficult times that we discover our greatest strength. The universe knows what we are capable of.




6. The people who stay.

These are the people who will always be with us. These are our pillars, they will always be of great support. They make their appearance when we need it most.

Our link with them will be indescribable. They can come in different forms: family, friends, life partners…

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