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8 Characteristics of People that Possess Andromedan Starseed Energy

The Andromedans, for those who may not know it, are our galactic neighbors. They are 12-dimensional beings with seemingly unknown, but unlimited abilities.

Many people on our planet are currently of Andromedan origin, whether they are aware of it or not. These people could be seen as celebrity children in their own right and play a serious role in everyone else’s life. They are quite underrated and very capable of great things.



The involvement of Andromedan people with Earth is as follows:

Winged beings have been involved with Earth since the formation of our first life and with humans at various stages of our development. It may be that the Sumerian winged beings depicted on their reliefs are Andromedans.

They say that they have been invited by the Archangels Guardians of the Earth to participate in our progression and that they come to our solar system on the wings of the Archangels who are Earth’s gatekeepers. Perhaps the representations of the archangels are actual images of the winged Andromedans who arrive when they came into our world and were believed to be the angels themselves.

Below, we will review some signs that may indicate that you have Andromedian energies in your being. Although you cannot unleash your full potential here on this planet, you can still work amazingly. You could be much more special than you thought.

8 signs that you hold Andromedan energies:




1. You hate being controlled:

Andromedans are not the people to allow someone else to control them.

They hate being told what to do or being forced to do things. They always do their best to cultivate freedom at a deeper level.




2. You get worked up infrequently:

Andromedans don’t usually get worked up often. They are quite cold and take things one day at a time. You will rarely see them stressed or frustrated.




3. Others usually enjoy being in your presence:

Andromedans generally attract a lot of people. They are fun to be around and people tend to flock to them for several reasons.

They are quite interesting and mysterious, which leaves everyone unable to understand them.




4. You have quite a spiritual nature:

Andromedans are generally very spiritual. They are more in tune with who they are and the universe itself. They know there is something more about who they are in general.

They can feel the energies moving through their bodies.

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5. You love traveling:

Andromedans love to travel. They value freedom very much and cannot be restrained.

They know how important it is to move forward and will not allow others to get in their way.




6. You are very confident:

Andromedans stand in a way that most others are not capable of. They are confident to a great extent and always stand firm.

They know their limits and are more than willing to show the world what they can do.




7. You struggle with commitment:

Andromedans tend to be late and usually aren’t quick to settle down romantically.

They usually find it difficult to connect with others emotionally. Although they can try hard, they just can’t do it.




8. You are smarter than most people:

Andromedans are much smarter than most other people. They keep up with most and always help others.

You can talk to them about most things and their advice will get you where you need to be.


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