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7 Tips To Help You Thrive During The Upcoming Age Of Aquarius

2020 has been hailed as a year of ascension. And with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, a New Age of Aquarius is supposed to begin.

The rare conjunction of the planets in an air sign is occurring after almost 400 years, and now we are focusing on more humanitarian issues. With unconventional thoughts reigning supreme, here’s how you can keep up with the Age of Aquarius:



1. Try out unusual ideas:

The energy of Aquarius prompts us to embrace new perspectives. It requires us to adopt unconventional thoughts and practices. Learn to be more authentic and progressive!



2. Stop holding materialistic tendencies:

Most of the last Great Conjunctions took place in earth signs, which emphasize materialism and earthly things. As the planets now move towards Aquarius, it’s time to stop thinking about earthly possessions. Focus on and build on spiritual connections.



3. Make new friends and build communities:

The Age of Aquarius is intended for community building and collective action. You can connect to this energy by focusing on making new, meaningful friendships. Start getting more involved in community activities and connect with people with similar interests and hobbies.

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4. Let your inner rebel loose:

Aquarius doesn’t like to be locked up. So now is the perfect time to break away from societal norms and be yourself. Boldly become your unique personality and expect brush-ups with the authorities. It’s time to stand out!



5. Become involved in social issues:

The Age of Aquarius will be more concerned with humanitarian issues and the collective good. You will often feel the need to stand up for social justice. Do not suppress this. Get up and speak.



6. Become more tech-savvy:

The futuristic energy of Aquarius is quite curious about technological advancements. In the years to come, great technological advances, particularly with regard to the collective good, will take place.

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7. Embrace change:

As we enter a whole new era, expect major shifts in the collective consciousness. When the going gets tough, have confidence in creating a new path for yourself. New opportunities await you if you can persevere through this phase of change.

Are you ready to make the most of Aquarius energy?

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