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15 Life Choices That You Will Never Regret

“What you think in the end does not count; courage lies in what you do. “ – Andre Agassi

The essence of our existence lies in having confidence in our instinct and having the courage to take risks, learning from experience, failing and getting up after a defeat, appreciating memories and keeping the awareness that in the end, it will be worth the under penalty of having completed each of these steps.

But you must be willing to take this path. You must give yourself a chance.

Here are some choices that in the future you will not regret having done today:

1. When faced with new opportunities, trust your intuition.

Life is too short to wait. Every new day is another chance to change your life: every great satisfaction begins with the decision to try.

2. Believe in your abilities. 

You already have within you everything you need to become the best possible version of yourself. Believe it. You’re smart enough and strong enough to reach all your goals. 

3. When you are afraid, act. 

Fear does not exist anywhere except in your head. Be brave. Track your goals. Do not let your fear guide your present or decide your future. And always remember that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather awareness is something far more important than fear.

4. Today take a step forward. 

The question is: are you currently choosing to live? Or are you simply surviving? Take a moment and think about it. Your life does not begin when “this, that, or that other thing” occurs. This is your time. Your life is now.

5. Make your goals a priority. 

If you want to live a fulfilling life, do not give up what is really important to you. And do not delay until tomorrow, because believing that there will always be a tomorrow is just an illusion that sooner or later it will be destined to dissolve. 

6. Work hard, even when it is tiring. 

Personal growth in every sphere of life is a slow and constant process. You need to work on it little by little every day. Do not settle for less than what you think you deserve and work hard to try to achieve it.

7. Defend your values. 

Love yourself enough not to relegate your values ​​into oblivion. Keep clear to yourself what your principles are and get ready to defend them, whenever you need them. Consistency and corruption go hand in hand.

8. Always get up after a rejection or a bankruptcy. 

Keep your self-confidence, no matter what happens. Stay positive. And remember, no matter how many mistakes you make or how slowly you proceed, you will always be ahead of all those who are not even trying.

9. Whatever you do, be 100% committed. 

Even when the going gets tough, do not back down. If you decide to do something or engage in an activity, put all of yourself without sparing yourself. Do what you want, but do everything to do it best.

10. Smile anyway. 

Do not let a bad time ruin your day. Stress begins when you stop thinking about what worries you rather than what you should be grateful and thankful for.

11. Be kind to everyone. 

Kindness in words creates trust and motivation. Kindness in thinking creates positivity and possibility. Kindness in giving creates strength and love. Through kindness you have the opportunity to make a profound difference in everyone’s life, starting with you.

12. Help others create a better life for themselves.

One of the most profound joys that you can experience is to be of help to someone else in your growth path. And you can do it in an infinite number of ways: listening, supporting, inspiring, being an example…

13. Live with integrity. 

Integrity means choosing your actions based on your moral values ​​rather than your personal gain. It is about living with respect first of all to yourself. It’s about doing the right thing, no matter what, even when nobody else ever knows.

14. Be “different” in your own way. 

We’re all weird. Life is strange. And when we find those oddities in the world that drive us to work hard, we call it passion. And when we find someone whose strangeness is compatible with ours, we call it love.

15. Open yourself to love. 

Your greatest task is not to find love, but to discover and eliminate all the barriers you have built within yourself to keep you away from love. Peace is not the absence of problems, but the presence of love.
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