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8 Things You Should Immediately Stop Postponing

1. Learning to do something new.

Learning is like a muscle. If you do not solicit it, it ends up becoming lazy. If instead, you dedicate yourself to learning something completely new from time to time, a world of opportunities will open up before you. 

You will keep your mind young and your interests will multiply. And remember, you can start learning at any age, young or old makes no difference.



2. Breaking a bad habit.

Whether it’s smoking or eating junk food, probably each of us has at least one habit that he always knew he had to eliminate. Now is the time to do it, you do not really need this habit anymore.

Ask friends and family to support you… and the thought of not letting them down will be an important element to motivate you further.



3. Planning the trip you’ve always wanted.

Have you always had the dream of traveling to Africa or any other part of the world? Do not let yourself be held back by those who want to discourage you and keep telling yourself that it is dangerous, it costs too much or you do not have time.

Start planning, organizing, studying itineraries and solutions: the fun and exciting part of the journey begins when you begin to build it in your mind and give it life. Have a good trip!



4. Recovering a mistake.

Earning the forgiveness of those you hurt does not just mean apologizing. It means actively working to regain the trust of the person you have offended with your words or your behavior.

It means to show the other how much you care about him, what it really means for you to have him present and close in your life. Significantly make the other feel that he is a priority for you.



5. Recognize your negative thoughts.

“I do not deserve to be happy”.
“I must not do something wrong or I will be fired”.
“I do not deserve this person’s love”.

I could go on and list tens or hundreds of other toxic thoughts that paralyze your mind every day. You know that it is essential to be able to overcome them and to make it is even essential to assume full awareness.

Observe your thoughts, do not hold on to them, do not follow them, but limit yourself to absolute awareness and let them slip away.



6. Develop a daily practice.

Meditation, training, yoga… being able to transform an activity of this kind into daily practice can be of immense benefit for your well-being.

Imagine, for example, if you are doing yoga today, a practice you can devote to it every day: think about what flexibility your body would be able to have in ten years!



7. Surprise a loved one.

Love, affection, and friendship are all too often taken for granted, because with the passage of time we see them as things that belong to us, as well-established goods and with respect to which no further effort is required on our part.

A small gift, a surprise dinner, a note with a cute phrase … thoughts like these will show people close to you how much you really care about them. A little surprise is much more important than you think.



8. Address your fears.

Can you bring to mind the impression you had when you found the courage to face a situation that terrified you? You felt alive, you felt that by facing your fear you were stimulating your deepest inner self, you felt that you were doing the right thing. Then try to act.

Feel the fear and act. Wrong and try again. Live your fear, just when you want to hide and back, try to act. You will feel the electricity of life flowing inside you, you will feel the sweet vibration of being alive.

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