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3 Techniques to Strengthen Your Aura and Never Feel Exhausted Again

You may not know it, but your energy is a limited resource that you need to preserve, otherwise you can end your days feeling like you’ve done a marathon after having a discussion. Practice these techniques and follow the tips on what might be sapping your energy, optimizing your energy and keeping a healthy aura.

Here is a list of all the things that could weaken your aura:

  • Lack of exercise.
  • A poor diet.
  • Alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
  • Lack of fresh air.
  • Stress.
  • Not enough rest.

Try to adopt better habits regarding all the above. If you are struggling to find the motivation to follow these healthy habits, think about their impact not only on your physical body but also on the energies of your body.


3 Techniques to Strengthen Your Aura:



Technique 1: Close your energy circuit.

3 Techniques to Strengthen Your Aura and Never Feel Exhausted Again

If you find that talking to some people is exhausting you and you run out of energy, these people may take energy from your aura often unintentionally.

Often these people use the energy of others to supplement their energy. If people tell you that they feel better after talking with you, it’s often because they use your energy.

You can and must have control of your energy. To do this, you must close your energy circuit. Energy currents flow in and around you in your auric field. If you leave your circuit open, other people can easily feed on it.


How to do it:

When you talk to someone who often drains your energy, cross your ankles and put your hands together to touch your thumbs and fingers, it will close your circuit. Energy flows in and around you but will not be passed on to others.

If you practice this technique regularly, you will probably feel more energetic at the end of the day!




Technique 2: Energy breathing technique.

3 Techniques to Strengthen Your Aura and Never Feel Exhausted Again

Your breathing is essential to revitalize your energy stores and supplement your auric energy. One of the main causes of weak auric energy is the lack of fresh air. Nevertheless, the way you breathe is also very important.

Breathing through the nose not only warms the air before entering the lungs, reducing the risk of inflammation of the respiratory organs, it also “filters” the air entering the body. Your nostrils capture and remove much of the dirt and air pollution that surrounds you, promoting cleaner breathing.

Your energy is polar, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, solar and lunar. The balance of this energy is called Sushumna. This breathing technique energizes the aura and balances the polarity of the body.


How to do it:

Place your dominant hand on your nose with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Place your tongue on your palate, but stay relaxed.

Using your thumb to close the nostril on this side of the face (right hand, right nostril), slowly inhale up to four. Then, close the other nostril with your fingers (both are now closed) and count to 16.

Then release the thumb (while keeping the fingers that clog the other nostril) and slowly exhale to eight. Now you can breathe again through this open nostril, alternating as you go, for about five or six breaths in total.

You can also try this other breathing technique: Square Breathing Technique: Transform Your Life In One Minute.




Technique 3: Purification of the vortex

3 Techniques to Strengthen Your Aura and Never Feel Exhausted Again

This technique is a powerful visualization process and helps to clean and purify energy waste accumulated during the day.


How to do it:

Find a comfortable sitting position and you can do Technique 2 to relax and get ready if you wish.

Then visualize a small whirlwind of crystalline white light about 5 meters above your head. Then, visualize the little end of the funnel that goes through the top of your head and runs through your body.

This should turn clockwise, and when it touches your aura, you should see all the waste being sucked up and burned, which will come out from your feet and into the ground.



Try next time:

The next time you feel exhausted by your day, try one of these techniques. You may find that you have been the victim of an energy vampire.

By simply taking the time to correct and restore energy to your aura, you can continue to have a healthy aura.


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