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5 Magical Symbols that have the Potential to Improve your Life

Humans have always tried and wanted to reveal the secrets of magicians or witches, without the need to follow certain creepy sects with annoying actions.

Sorcery requires years of practice to be mastered. But, there are many simple things witches do to transform their lives.

Most of these secrets are just the rules given by friendly magicians. Therefore, these lucky symbols symbolize a certain cosmic balance, acting as open doors for the passage of divine energies and luck.

Here are five, chosen for their intense but always balanced energy that can potentially transform people’s lives.


5 Magical Symbols that have the Potential to Improve your Life


1. Lotus flower

It is a fantastic flower, sacred to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, modern and ancient India, and ancient Egypt. This is one of the favorite symbols of witches and magicians.

One of the reasons is that its root is somewhere in the dark depths of the muddy swamps. But this root springs up and rises to the surface, and its flowers welcome the rays of the sun with its sweet scent.

Therefore, this flower symbolizes the fact that when we live in the darkest moments of life, we will be able to cross the foggy darkness to reach success and light. Moreover, it allows us to support all the problems to free us from it.


2. Scarab


It is a symbol that comes from the god Khefra. The name of this god means “to enter into existence”. It is said that the god Khefra is the appearance of the Sun god, the god Ra, with the solar disk and Aries.

The people of ancient Egypt believed that the beetle came from the dead and that the underworld was a matter of the underworld.

Therefore, beetles personify the victory of the sun over darkness. Moreover, it was said that he was a blessed being because he helped the god Ra. According to the witches, the beetle symbol could strengthen and protect our health and give us luck.


3. Acorn

Most of you have probably heard this saying: Great oaks from little acorns grow. The saying is true. The acorn is sacred to Druids and ancient Greeks.

It comes from the oak, which is the most divine and sacred tree, dedicated to Zeus, the king of the other gods. Therefore, everything that comes from this tree is said to be sacred, magical and divine.

The tassel is said to keep the body and mind safe from magical and physical damage but also makes it strong.

That’s why the soldiers brought acorns everywhere with them, to protect them from lightning, or some other type of hostile energy. Usually, wizards use it for fertility, luck, power, magical protection, and abundance.

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4. The red bats

The red bats

The red bat is the symbol of spiritual help and luck in Asia. And it can be presented alone or in groups of five simultaneously. Two bats, also called Shuang fu, usually symbolize double luck.

In addition, five bats will be the representation of our five elements and common fortunes, namely: abundance, luck, fertility, longevity, and honor.


5. The wheel

Often described as an eight-spoke wheel, it is the mystical and global symbol of luck and growth.

Even though it is not really personified by chance, the Wheel of Fate helps us understand that each difficulty ends at some point in our lives and that karma will help us overcome all the problems.

Moreover, it continually reminds us that wise men and women know that strength lies somewhere in themselves and that there is no external stimulus as powerful as pure will.


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