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5 Recurring Signs that Indicate You Have Lived on This World Before

We can define reincarnation as the evolution of the soul. We all have specific behavioral patterns and physiognomy from previous lives. The more events we have experienced, the easier we can manage in the current circumstances.

To a greater or lesser extent, we have all experienced this cycle of experience of the following events:



1. Living memories of names and events.

Recognizing people, places or events in our past lives is a sign of reincarnation. This is indicative of a previous life that contained all these memories. It is mostly children who experience vivid memories. This is reflected in their objective reality and recognition abilities.




2. Intuition.

Intuition is our ability to be in touch with our innate knowledge. Intuitive powers are directly related to our senses and our ability to exploit them. In addition, intuition is an essential aspect of beliefs or experiences based on intuition. The more we experience it, the closer we come to the source of our soul.




3. Recurring dreams.

The unconscious uses it to treat trauma. These could be events of our past lives. To learn more, you can read Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” and link theories to deepen your knowledge.

Although Freud has been heavily criticized by modern theorists, psychologists, and philosophers, his theories have been essential in the interpretation of dreams.

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4. Recognize a place you’ve never seen.

Many people can clearly remember certain places when they have never been there in this life. This is directly related to reincarnation and déjà vu.




5. Déjà vu.

Some think that déjà vu is a neurological dissonance, while others believe it refers to other infinite dimensions. It could also prove the existence of past life experiences.

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  1. Sol

    Number 3 happens mostly, and number 4 happened last year (2019) when I travelled a city I dream to visit sinde I was 12 years old: when I was there during a week, I felt like home, I don’t know why. Was the most peaceful moment of my entirely life. And I dont know why thos life brought me so far away of it (I live in the other side of the city, 12-11 hours before in GMT, what makes it into the exact opposite). My habits are more from that culture than my own, where I feel like an alien.
    The rest of the option, erre more common during my youth: teen and young adult.

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