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Understanding The Dark Side of Spirituality

The problem with spirituality is that some people may enter the spiritual world with a preconceived misconception that it is going to be a positive overall experience. In reality, there are several dark aspects to it.

Spirituality is something that can be expressed in many ways. Some will find enlightenment through their work, others through religion, others through spiritual practice such as meditation and yoga, others through the use of psychedelics and others by manifesting themselves positively. by kindness, compassion, and love. No matter how you find the spirit within you, there is always a good way to do it.

Understand the dark side of spirituality:


What is spirituality?

It is a very misunderstood term, some equate it with religion and, although it may be related, it is not exclusively religious.

The spirit is the essence of a person, that elusive thing in us that leads us naturally in certain ways. When the mind is calm and everything is peaceful, all that is left is the spirit.

You have 4 levels of health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Put in mind, they are all easily definable, measurable and explicable, the spiritual side of things is a little more mystical and difficult to explain in a short sentence. But it’s still a real thing.



Consciousness is something that will be present in any spiritual practice.

Consciousness is difficult to define, just like spirituality, because again, it’s not a thing, but to make simple consciousness on an individual level is your consciousness of something, even if it is not something nothing.

One of the problems that may arise as a result of the expansion of your consciousness is an important discomfort with regard to reality. It’s almost like Matrix when Morpheus offers the red or blue pill to Neo. Once you take the red pill, the reality can be difficult to understand.

Spiritual practice and expansion of your consciousness are like breaking down a barrier that has been slowly developed throughout your childhood and adulthood, through education, societal expectations and family and friends.



Once this barrier is lowered, it opens the door to good, but also to the darker side of the world.

First of all, if you look at the collective consciousness, you will see a lot of discordance between people. When you go down the street, you will see the suffering of people and on a global scale, you will see how terrible wars and suffering are. This does not mean that you have not seen this before, but once awake, it’s hard to ignore.

The second thing is your individual consciousness, once activated, this spiritual consciousness is like holding a mirror, and while it will help us see the good in ourselves, it can also help us to see the mistakes we make.

Spirituality makes you face your faults, the suffering you are responsible for and the negativity that is in you. Sometimes it can let you know who you are and what you are defending. It will also help you realize the pain that is stuck and sometimes it can be very important.



Misconceptions about spirituality.

One of the things common to experience is an initial feeling of euphoria when you reach a certain level of spiritual development and as this euphoric feeling is awesome, it can give rise to unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

For some, this will happen in anticipation of others understanding your process, and while it is good to have people around you who are on a similar path, it is ultimately an individual journey.

Another misconception is that a spiritual awakening is an ultimate goal when in reality it’s just the beginning, it’s a bit like capturing a wild lion and expecting it to be tamed. You have to feed your mind and keep asking questions. Sometimes you will not like the answers and sometimes the answers will not always be clear, but if you persevere, you will find what you are looking for.



Conclusions about spirituality.

Taking the path of spirituality can be both the most difficult and the most rewarding that can be done and it is important not to focus on your current situation, you will usually find that the points relate.

One of the most important things to do to minimize stress and anxiety is to trust the process and to know that if you keep moving towards your goals, the only thing that can hinder is the time or if you decide to give up.

When you can separate the darkness that we all have from light and understand that both are normal and necessary, it will make the road much less difficult. Different states of mind are used for different purposes and when you know your own emotional cycles and their impact on you, you can use these states so that you can achieve your results.

In the end, making a conscious effort to grow spiritually is the best decision anyone can make. Spirituality will inform you of the truth, positive or negative, and once you can face this truth in your own life, growth will be inevitable!

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