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20 Signs that Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Improvements and What to Expect

Activation is ready! Lightworkers, volunteers and earth warriors have to embrace, activate and integrate these improvements. They have to go, be themselves, embody their truth and unite as one. If you experience any of these 20 signs, your soul is getting necessary quantum improvements so you can become the Lightworker you should be.


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These are the 20 signs of quantum improvements:


1. You connect to an intense treble of lighter frequencies. You have floating and flying sensations, as well as jovial blessings of love.

2. You have energy healing improvements. You see it in lucid dreams and astral projection.

3. You see it through politics. You have a deep perception of the link between corporate policy, the pharmaceutical industry, and the drug and weapons industry.

4. You are too sensitive to the energy around you.

5. You breathe deeper and slower, towards the solar, sacral and root chakras. You flex your muscles as chi energy is attracted to your being.

6. You appreciate synchronicity, numerical codes and the language of nature. These have become an integral part of your understanding of how the world around you works.

7. You experience deja vu, dimensional slippage, temporal fluctuations, and flashbacks.

8. You feel the need or renewed impulse to continue your mission. This mission includes changing, healing and protecting the world.

9. You feel the chakra activations. This causes palpitations, low blood pressure, nausea, pain and even flu-like symptoms.

10. You attract some people to you, like moths to the light.

11. You feel discouraged by other people. You stay away from their energy.

12. You are less able to adapt in an invisible way and more careful with the choice of your teammates.

13. You move your body to enable and stimulate the energy flow. You are attracted to activities such as qigong, reiki, and yoga. It is important for you to be flexible, looser, more fluid in the movement; have open hips and pelvis, chest and shoulders; To have a straight back and align the hips.

14. You have an increase in empathic feelings. You also feel the need for vigorous self-care to transmute and clear negative energy regularly.

15. You rely more on the universal flow of the frequency of love. You are in tune with knowing the right things.

16. You consciously reprogram yourself from matrix algorithms. The greater awareness of how, when, why programming works and the use of tools to disconnect simplify your life.

17. You practice manifestation consciously. You use mantras, focused intentions and meditations throughout the day and night to restore, rebalance and realign your inner vibration.

18. You experience intense periods of karmic and matrix toxin release. Physical symptoms include tremor, chills, heat waves or nausea, aches, and pains. To overcome this, you have to give up, accept, release it and simply be.

19. You have mixed feelings of depression, anxiety, despair, restlessness, sudden mood swings, and very little energy. You have to go through this to achieve the clarity of being and expanded consciousness.

20. You have a feeling of connection with everything. This unity of being feels at the level of the soul.


Reaching the fifth dimension:

You are a cosmic surfer riding waves of quantum evolution. As activation increases, days drag you down. You should never be overcome by this phenomenon. Drink lots of water, swim or bathe. Clean your energy field.

Experience a deeper sense of connection with the mind, body, and soul. You move beyond perception. You are part of everything that happens in the world, whether it fluctuates or breathes.

Extracorporeal experiences, deep breathing, spontaneous stretching, and intense tremors are some of the experiences experienced during quantum improvements. It may seem like a wild experience since you feel the activations of chakra. Never fight against it. It just flows with these updates.

It is necessary to restart and realign the structural makeup. Connect your energy being by freeing the flow of energy through your chakras from the blockages. You will feel more relaxed, more flexible and driven by power from within.

As a healer, teacher or warrior of the earth, you are pushed further towards the expansion of the fifth dimension: the zen state of peace and serenity. In this state, everything feels beautiful, compassionate and only while operating within the womb.

The interior could be aggressive and hostile, never passive. Many factors threaten to drag it down: global politics, horror stories presented daily, personal dramas and challenges. All these destroy zen. But you must not allow it to manipulate you. Read Also: 7 Signs that Indicate You are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension.




Your role:

You are a light warrior. As a warrior, you have to stand in front and be ready to fight. Fight for love, light, and peace. Fight with your energy and healing. Illuminate the road. Get up when you fall. Rest and get up again if you lose your will.

It may seem small, but you must aspire to spread love in all your interactions. Avoid negative energy. Listen to your own energy system. Trust your visceral responses. Turn on that inner light within you for others to see. Share the love, spread the light and increase the vibrations wherever you go.

It can bounce back and forth, up and down in the frequency spectrum like a pinball, however, it has the ability to reach the highest dimensions. You must also overcome the tendency to literally crash on earth.




The transition:

The matrix is ​​even more disabled by intensive evasive actions, as well as divisive deviations and tactics. This leads to a dark and stormy, unstable and unpredictable transition.

But you have the power to base it with mindfulness, resupplying and realigning your mind, body and soul systems with personal care. You must embrace, integrate, recalibrate and possess these cosmic improvements.




What you need to do:

Use the tools of holistic healing and nature. Follow the rules of engagement that can guide you. Take full responsibility for your light.

If you find that your energy is off, your juju heavy and dirty, you need to stay at home. Avoid contact, seek rest, loneliness, hydration and nutrition of the tribes of the soul. Come back when you are completely replaced.

Your mission on earth is not a big shock. The battle between good and evil continues daily. You just have to be constantly present, attentive, grateful and grounded.

Expand your consciousness with energy, healing, and meditation work. You must work on the balance of the nucleus, regularly meditate on the frequency of love to increase vibrations and stay connected to the guides.

The battle has begun, and you are in it.




Your mission:

Humanity needs you. Let it look in your eyes. Show it compassion, humility, hope, and love. You set the energy and the wavelength. Set the frequency and maintain it throughout the day with mantras, breathing, protection and healing. Even smiling helps.

Trust your third eye and your instincts. Never be fooled by appearances and programming. Rest assured that you are not alone. You can find other people on the same mission as you on the spiritual network: You have help and guidance.

Always keep calm, protect and pay attention to self-care.

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