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How Does the Universe Respond? 5 Signs Your Dreams Are Coming True

Everyone seems to want to know if they can make their dreams come true.

In addition, everyone wants to know when their dreams come true.

The Universe responds and sends you messages all the time. Everything you see “out there” every day is a response to what you think, feel and believe.

When things happen to you, the Universe sends signs to tell you that your dreams are coming true. The thrill of possibility runs through you when you receive a little sign that you are on the right track.

Your destiny awaits you, will you know the signs when you see them? It can be so exciting to know that your dreams can be at hand.

Look around, maybe the Universe is sending you some of these signs that your dreams are about to come true:



1. People say the things you want to hear.

When good things happen to you, the people you meet often go out of their way to offer help, advice, or get things moving to make your dreams come true. You will feel like the people you are talking to must know your secret dream, the way they suggest it.

You will hear them say things that interest you and that relate to the ways in which you can achieve your dream. Take note of what they say, ask questions, listen carefully to their words. The people you meet now will guide you wisely.




2. You become comfortable with uncertainty.

Not knowing how your dreams will come true is part of the exciting process of making them come true. When you stop trying to control HOW your dreams come true, you allow the Universe to find its own way of helping things that had to happen.

When you feel relaxed and accept that the uncontrollable chaos of life is part of the magic, you open yourself to the possibility that the end result can happen in different ways.

For example, if you are sure that you are destined to find your true love, focus on love as the end result, not on a specific person with whom you think you are with you. If love is supposed to find you, it will.




3. You are showered with gifts.

Pay attention to what people are offering you. Did someone just offer you tickets for an event he couldn’t attend?

Think carefully before you say “No, thank you.” This “gift” from the Universe can put you in the right place at the right time to meet the right person who can help you achieve your dreams.




4. Your dreams affect what happens to you during the day.

While you sleep, scientists say that we are dealing with the problems and finding creative solutions. Although it does not seem like you have a problem to solve, if you have a dream that has not yet come true, you have a type of problem that you are looking for a solution to.

While you sleep, your brain tries to bond to help you achieve your dreams. The more you can be aware of your dreams, the better it is to help you achieve what you want.

Dreams can also predict your future. Keep paper and a pen or pencil near your bed to record the images of your dreams. You can read it later to see if it helps you find clues to make your dreams come true.




5. Everything is crystal clear.

This wonderful moment of clarity is when your doubts evaporate and you realize what the Universe has really set in motion to achieve your dreams. It’s like you’ve finally been able to step back and see the big picture and it all makes sense now.

When the Universe implements a plan to make your dreams come true, you will be able to see why you had difficulties, why you made the choices you made and why you met who you met; everything happened so that you can find yourself where you are now.

Do you relate to this? Have you noticed some of these signs from the Universe that your dreams are coming true?

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