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11 Signs You’re Subconsciously Part of the “Cosmic Call to Action”

A large number of people, especially those who feel or even know in their hearts that they have a role to play in the changing world, seem to have unknowingly heard “a call” or a shift, which began about six to eight years ago.

In most cases, this change in their thinking, outlook, approach, mood, activities and/or priorities seemed to result from: loss or death; a divorce or a failed relationship; physical illness and/or symptoms; or a new intense sense of feeling dissatisfied – despite many achievements.

Whatever the specific trigger (s), the event (s) send each person into a relatively uncomfortable, unhappy, disconnected and unhappy time in their lives.

More than ever, they felt intensely lost, confused and disconnected from their true purpose, path and joy – and more plagued by mental, physical and spiritual problems.

However, we believe that the period of disconnection serves to prepare this special “pioneer” population for its role as a leader in the new era to come.

They are of the First Wave of that time – and the period of disconnection was and is supposed to help them.

The challenges they encountered were to help them: solve and clean up mental problems and attachments; to intensify their talents and put them in touch with each other in order to share, empower and mobilize their efforts for the year or two years to come.

Are you part of this “first wave”? Most of these pioneers or firsts experienced several or all of the following events:


11 Signs You're Subconsciously Part of the “Cosmic Call to Action”


1. A sense or a feeling that they are “not integrating”, do not belong or cannot connect with the people around them.


2. A desire to find their true “home” and/or their true family and spiritual community.


3. A feeling that the entities are around them. They may even see or hear these entities from time to time.


4. A feeling that they are not achieving the success, relationships and happiness they desire, despite their exceptional skills, abilities, and intelligence.

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5. Changes in mood, emotions and energy levels, which seem to reflect the people or the planet around them, as much if not more than their own state and condition.


6. Moments of feeling more “awakened” or conscious, but finding those moments, short-duration or unsustainable in everyday life.


7. Vivid dreams and even moving, talking or acting out while sleeping.


8. Periods of intense “shedding” of relationships, responsibilities or priorities.


9. A feeling that time is passing much faster.


10. Noticing the synchronicities and believing that there are no “coincidences” or “accidents”.

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11. The feeling that the times to come will not be easy – but that the world events to come are necessary for our planet to progress and for humans to evolve in their development.




If you are a first-waver, you may benefit from the following:

  • Being in contact with others who have high frequencies and vibrations.
  • Healing residual mental and physical injuries.
  • Understanding and accepting that your role in this world, literally and figuratively, can be very “close to home”. (Embrace the notion that you don’t need to save the world to “save the world”. Your immediate area might be exactly where you need to be.)
  • Remembering that you cannot save everyone. It is not everyone’s fate for you to save them!
  • Practicing, developing and intensifying your innate or acquired skills and talents.
  • Learning which foods, activities and environments are most useful and least toxic to your specific body.


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