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5 Spiritual Boundaries that You Must Push Every Day

You are limitless! But in order to achieve that inherited greatens that you have, you must work to liberate yourself from those imposed limit that you might have.

Here are 5 boundaries that you must push every day:

1. How efficient are you when working:

What do you think of when you hear the words “work effectively”? The path of your dreams? Another day of hard, menial, or dull work? You decide what is true. I choose the path of my dreams.

You have 15 to 17 hours of wakefulness per day. Fill them with as much excitement and motivation as possible. You do this using 3 rules:

  1. Make it a learning experience.
    All work experiences can be learning experiences. You can learn to master the skills. You can learn to control yourself. Learn to master both.
  2. Align your dreams.
    Align your learning goals with your biggest dream. Find what skills you can learn and what you can learn about yourself that will most help you achieve your dreams.
  3. Make it a flow experience.
    Time disappears. Your hands and mind are moving faster than is reasonably possible. You feel both inner peace and excitement. There is only you and the task. You have felt this many times before. You can feel that way while doing anything.

The gateway to the flow is intense concentration: a goal-directed focus at the edge of your current skill level.




2. The amount of gratitude that you feel:

5 Spiritual Boundaries that You Must Push Every Day

Gratitude is happiness. Gratitude is a habit. Happiness is a habit. If you throw a rock in the air, it falls. If I jump in the air, I fall again. I am a rock.

Who cares about logic? Happiness is at least 50% habit. This is why it is so important to push your limits of gratitude every day.

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3. How good you make others feel:

“Man is by nature a social animal.”
~ Aristotle

Do you expect others to make you happy? Idiot! Make others happy and you will see your own happiness shine.




4. The level of your unconditional love:

5 Spiritual Boundaries that You Must Push Every Day

When do you allow yourself to be happy? How high have you placed the bar? Screw the bar! You are still worthy of self-esteem. Your love for yourself should be like a big sun. Shining brightly and ending with a supernova.

Your self-esteem conditions spoil you. You deny parts of yourself. You distort reality. Unconditional self-love is a decision you make every moment. Choose to love yourself now. There is no time for later.

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5. Your presence at this moment:

Presence is everything. Presence is now. You get around at work. You feel gratitude. You see other people and respond to their needs. You love yourself with a burning intensity.

Push it every day.



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