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4 Ways to Increase Your Frequency and Feel Great

When you experience a negative feeling, it is easy to respond with more negativity. You don’t want to feel bad, so you resist feeling bad. The result is that you feel worse, and if you still resist it, you start a downward spiral. You want to keep your frequency up there in a vibrational state that makes you feel powerful and loved, ecstatic and creative.

What makes a great expansive feeling and what makes a bad contractual feeling?

A belief system that is in alignment with what your higher self is true and will feel good and expansive, while a belief that is not in alignment with this truth will feel contractual. This is your own guidance system to let you know if you are not aligned with your true eternal goal.

It is a way of defining good and bad feelings (they are ultimately two sides of the same coin) that will allow you to regain control and get out of any victim mentality that you may have. Circumstances don’t make you feel good or bad, only your reaction to them can do that.

Each situation, thought or circumstance is intrinsically neutral. It is your point of view when you react to the situation that generates either a feeling of ecstatic expansion or contraction.

There is always something to learn when you feel bad. It’s an opportunity to grow, expand, accelerate to new points of view by opening yourself up and using your energy for expansive activities rather than victimizing yourself.

It can be difficult to see that you are still in control of your state of being and that no one else or anything else can do to you can take away your power or your choice to make you feel amazing. Unless you let them, by choice.

Does it feel good to give up your power and leave it up to others, whether you feel good or not? From the point of view of empowerment (no more victimized state), no. It feels good to think that you control your state of being, that you have free will because it’s true.



1. Immerse yourself as deeply as possible in your self-realization:

The first method to keep your frequency high is the most essential. When all else fails, turn to this one. It’s just a way to deepen your self-realization by paying attention to the fact that you exist.

In fact, if you constantly remember that you exist, that you are alive, that you are here, now, conscious, you can go deeper and further into your existence, as Consciousness. (It is also possible to go even further, beyond experience and Consciousness and to return to the Absolute or the Infinite)

By remembering that you exist, that you are here and now, aware of yourself, you will be able to relax any thought activity and resume your concentration at your roots, giving you a reboot.




2. Imagine anything that makes you feel best:

Your imagination is a very powerful tool to increase your frequency. Instead of imagining the worst scenarios or using it to worry about this and that, why not try to create states of being happy and ecstatic?

You can imagine yourself, as a human being, with other human beings, in certain situations, doing specific things, or you can keep it more indefinite and abstract. As long as you find the sense of alignment and joy that you are looking for, it matters less exactly what you imagine.

By using your imagination in this way, you are creating states of being in the non-physical, which is just as real as the physical. You instantly feel psychological relief and you may even feel good about your physical body. Instant manifestation. You manifest all of your external reality from your internal state of being.

The more you accept it as a fact and take responsibility for your reality, the more independent you become. And the more you take control of your imagination and your power as a creator to experience whatever state of being you choose, the easier and more effortless it becomes.

Keep your state of joy, keep your frequency high and know that you are in absolute control of your vibrational state.

Several different ways of saying it (which resonates with you) will allow you to see it from several points of view and will facilitate its integration into your life.

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3. Be appreciative for feeling bad:

Whenever you notice that you are in a negative state, be joyful. You see that you feel bad. Awesome! Now at least you can do something about it.

Do not resist. Observe it, accept it and be grateful to see it and not to have to hang on to it.

Remember that the negative state of being is the signal of a higher self (or what you want to call the version of you who sees from an absolute point of view) that you have a belief that is not aligned with what it knows to be. true. Just redefine the feeling of evil, as this signal may be enough to increase your frequency.

You are loved and watched out for through this higher self, God, the universe, etc. What you call it, is not the point here. When you feel bad, you have something to learn. The Universe shows you that there is a lesson for you to keep developing, so be thankful.




4. User reminders:

Use as many reminders as possible to help you find a high frequency. Do things that make you feel peaceful. Watch a video, read a blog post, read a book, hang out with friends, go shopping. Only you know what can remind you to tune in on higher frequencies.

Fill your life with everything that makes you feel incredibly connected to who you really are. Be honest with what really serves and excites you, and you will see more and more states of happiness manifest in your life.

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The information here may seem radical to some people. The terms may not be familiar and the content may be thought-provoking. Let it penetrate, use other resources, integrate what you learn. Take only what you think is right on a certain level. Let go of the rest.

Wrap, serve, eat, digest it and use all the useful pieces… And defecate the waste.

You now have, hopefully, new inspiration and methods that you can experiment with to create great states of being. You can dive into self-realization to get out of a downward spiral and into a deep understanding of your true nature; you can use your imagination to create happier states of being; you can redefine the feeling of evil as a signal to learn and feel good through expansion; you can fill your life with reminders that keep you vibrant with joy, or you can do all of the above.



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