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6 Characteristics of Spiritually Mature People

We often associate maturity with becoming more responsible and responsive to other needs. Mature people are supposed to know what to do and when to do it; they are the ones who manage situations in a way that young or less experienced people can not manage.

But there is something disturbing in this description. Maturity is often associated with paying bills and choosing the least painful option. Since the majority of people are not yet completely fulfilled in their potential and their humanity, we have an idea of ​​”maturity” that does not benefit anyone.


Here are 6 characteristics of a spiritually mature person:


1. Things come more easily to you; more than that, you merge with people and situations that facilitate your expansion beyond the imagination.

2. Most of the time you are calm, no matter how many things start falling on you, there is a little voice telling you not to worry, that everything is going exactly as it should.

3. You make your decisions based on your instinct and your intuition more than ever.

4. You always feel fear, negativity, distress but they are no longer at the heart of your life. From now on you are driven by the instinct that tells you that you came here to develop and create.

5. You can focus your mind almost effortlessly on what you want to experiment with.

6. You still need to do things, but it diminishes the common strength.

Spiritual maturity is the result of a new change in consciousness, a change that occurs when you are in tune with what is serving your growth.

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Spiritual maturity can not be attained if the emotional, mental and divine bodies are not ready to make that leap.

Waking up to maturity is a very intuitive process that can not be imposed or contained. Becoming mature spiritually occurs spontaneously when you are in harmony and you take things a little less seriously.

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