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Recognizing the Soul Mate: 10 Elements that Indicate Their Presence

How to recognize a soul mate?

Who knows how many times you’ve heard of a soul mate, maybe you’ve read books and you’ve probably already experienced it. Thanks to this article you can check it.

Yes, because we have not only a soul mate but dozens. They are important people for us that we have probably already known in our previous lives.

Is it, therefore, possible to recognize the soul mate?

Yes it is possible, here we indicate 10 elements according to Dr. Carmen Harra and that we confirm regarding our own experiences:



1. It is something that you feel deep inside yourself.

Recognizing a soul mate is something that is difficult to put into words, you feel something deep inside you, emotions that you hardly feel with other people.




2. You could have flashbacks.

If you are relating to a soul mate you may remember past life events. Usually, they are small flashes, very fast like snapshots. Another experience that often happens could be the déjà vu.




3. You understand yourselves deeply.

Recognizing the Soul Mate

Recognizing the soul mate means understanding each other without having to talk. There is a strange and incomprehensible empathy even if rationally speaking you do not know the person and you have never “met him before”.




4. You adore his faults.

Although you combine all the colors, you appreciate his faults because, if you bring your attention there, you will find that they will show you sides of you to understand, harmonize, overcome.

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5. It’s intense.

The relationship with a soul mate, be it a friend, a colleague, a partner, is much more intense than a simple relationship. In all aspects.




6. You two against the whole world.

Recognizing the Soul Mate

With a soul mate, we feel so close that we have to overcome every experience of life together. Yes: you two against the whole world.




7. You are mentally inseparable.

Recognizing a soul mate means having a deep mental contact similar to the twins. You hear it from a distance, you know what they’re feeling. You can’t explain it. Simply so it is.




8. You feel safe and secure.

The soul mate makes you feel safe. Although these relationships are often difficult to manage, when you can stay centered in yourself, you really feel comfortable with him/her.

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9. Your life without him/her? Not imaginable.

Recognizing the Soul Mate

Unfortunately, this often occurs. It doesn’t have to happen. The soul mate must be for you a relationship that gives you experience and knowledge of yourself. Affective dependence in these cases is very risky.

We advise you to do a profound work on yourself, a work of inner growth and centering. This is regardless of whether you are relating to a soul mate or not.




10. You look into your eyes.

Recognizing a soul mate means looking at each other or eyes more often than other relationships. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. During regressions, we always pay attention to the eyes. Those never change, they are the calling card of the soul.

I’m sure these points helped you understand how to recognize a soul mate. Want to talk about your experience? Leave a comment below!

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