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6 Illuminating Lessons that the Great Spiritual Masters Aim to Teach Us

In all spiritual traditions around the world, we find enlightened masters who have dedicated their whole lives to enlightening people through their teachings, with the intention of transforming the world into a better place, where people would live with love and at peace with each other and with nature.

Here we want to present to you six of the most powerful lessons that all the great enlightened spiritual masters of East and West throughout history have wanted to teach us:



1. Separation is only an illusion.

Anything that exists is related to everything else. Nothing exists independently or in isolation from its environment.

All duality is only an illusion and unless we free ourselves from it, we can never live in harmony with ourselves and with the world.




2. Simplicity is key.

Living frugally is the way to find focus and clarity. Those who complicate their lives tend to have a confused state of mind and waste their time and energy dedicating themselves to things that do not contribute to their development.

A wise man throws away what is not essential and keeps only what is really important in his heart.




3. Attachment brings suffering.

All that exists and that we have will one day disappear. In other words, everything is temporary, including our presence in this world.

Consequently, the more attached we are, whether to people, property or circumstances, the more we are bound to suffer because all these will sooner or later be taken from us.

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4. Pain is a messenger.

People are generally afraid of pain and do everything to avoid listening to it. The truth, however, is that pain is there to teach us something important, and if we don’t pay attention, we can never learn and grow.

Pain shows us in the most intense way that there is something wrong with our lives and that we have to change our way of life to overcome it.




5. Compassion establishes peace.

Living with compassion means living in peace with others. When compassion is lost in the world, competition, conflict, and war inevitably arise.

Compassion is the only thing that can help people come together and work together to create a more beautiful world for all beings in existence.




6. Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.

The more we take responsibility, the more we will be able to shape our lives. Those who choose to put the responsibility on the shoulders of others do not realize that they are also giving up their freedom. Responsibility can sometimes be a heavy burden to bear, but it is the only way to live in full awareness and freedom.

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These enlightening lessons may at first glance seem easy to understand, but it actually takes a great change of consciousness to realize them.

With meditation and a conscious application of these lessons, you will sooner or later succeed in embodying them in your daily life and discovering their immense power and importance.



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