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Finding Money On The Road Has a Deep Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever found money on the street? Surely, but perhaps you do not know the spiritual meaning behind it.

Whether it is on the road that you travel when you go to work, during a walk or in the avenues of the park, finding money is always a small pleasure.

One feels lucky even when it comes to a few cents. Rich or poor, everyone appreciates the small or big sign of luck. Someone smiles amused, others are grateful, certainly, no one remains indifferent.

But besides the positive factor of finding money, there is a spiritual meaning behind the unexpected fortune.

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Money has different symbolic values. Beyond the printed images, it has its own story. Some believe that every person transmits to it a little bit of himself, of his energy. So every banknote or coin has a personal story, beyond its monetary value.

Furthermore, money is a symbol of power. The more you have, the higher you are on the social scale. Even in Chinese culture money does not have a pure and simple monetary meaning, but it is a symbol of luck.

Finding money, then, is an omen of a lucky event that will soon happen in our lives.

Spiritually finding money means being appreciated by the inhabitants of the higher realm. They could be spirits or angels or even our loved ones who have chosen this way to communicate with us.

The message is clear: they want to tell us that we are extremely important and valuable to them.

This is the reason why the spirits choose pennies rather than banknotes. The coins last longer.

Finally, the coins bearing the number 1, signify unity with the Divine and the spirits. Number 1 is also the number of beginnings and therefore it is a suggestion to move forward with new plans and ideas.

The number 10 instead, indicates that the spirits are with us and are pushing us to move forward with our decisions. We can count on their support!

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