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7 Deadly Assumptions that Cause Unhappiness and Poison the Spirit

There are millions of reasons why people are not happy, assumptions and expectations are a very common cause.

The expectations, on the one hand, are positive because they motivate us to move forward on our path. With the right mix of expectations, you will be sure to succeed in all your businesses.

Clear that, having positive expectations is better than having negative ones but both in one case and in the other there is the risk of getting lost:

  • if I live in my positive expectations I risk working too much with the upper chakras, continuing to fantasize but losing energy because by never focusing on the present I do not act to make those expectations concrete.
  • if I live in my negative expectations, the speech here is simpler: unconsciously I will sabotage myself.

The problem is that negative assumptions and expectations poison our spirit that is imbued with very low frequencies such as fear, anger, demotivation, apathy.

Below we share with you the 7 Deadly Assumptions that we think cause Unhappiness and Poison the Spirit:



1. Supposing that opportunities will come on their own without action.

The Law of Attraction really works but not without action on your part. If you think the law of attraction works like this: I think intensely about what I want and materializes, we are not there.

You need concrete actions on your part, set goals, do something very small every day that can bring you closer to the goal.

The law of attraction will manifest itself in the path making you live coincidences and synchronicities that will push you to continue to act. But even in this case, you need your intervention: there are connections but you have to notice them.



2. Supposing or wanting to please everyone.

If I wanted to please everyone I would have changed my name to Nutella. And even in this case, I would probably not be appreciated by everyone.

We can’t please everyone. There will always be someone who thinks differently from us. And thank goodness that’s it. The world is varied, there are many people and with them many ideas.

Of course, the way ideas are expressed is very important. Being judged is annoying.

But you start: don’t judge, don’t suppose, don’t prejudice. And of criticisms, choose what to do: are they constructive? Listen to them. Are they offensive? Let them go.

You don’t need approval. And if that were the case, then work on this negative program that works in you that most likely comes from the family.



3. Supposing that life is right (or wrong).

I’ll be brief. Right and wrong is a dual concept that we have created. There is no right and wrong, there is an experience from which we can learn.

Of course, you will tell me: killing a person is wrong… and I agree with you. We have created these concepts to live a more fulfilling, joyful, spiritual performance experience and NOT for self-sabotaging.

Look at this point. This assumption in both ways can damage you because it can open you too much (life is right regardless) by going to cheats and submissions and can close you too (life is wrong regardless) canceling out any form of relationship.

The solution? Live in the heart and not in the head. Listen to your intuitions and your body.

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4. Supposing that people know what you have in mind.

You can often be unhappy because you focus on others. But by doing so you lose the attention to those most important in your life: YOURSELF.

Often absurd actions are created. Maybe you’re sick, you’re afraid of something. You are in a square and a person looks at you badly and you start making absurd questions:

  • who knows why that guy has it with me
  • but who knows why he looks at me like that
  • o good heavens what will happen to me
  • maybe that person is pissed off because his partner gave him a hole, maybe he suffered a loss.

Stay focused on yourself, listen to your emotions and don’t intrude on the minds of others. You can’t and you don’t have the right to do it.

Remember: you can only help those who ask you for help.



5. Supposing everyone should agree with you.

People have their own past, their culture and their way of seeing things. When you expect them to see things as you perceive them, it is very irrational and hypocritical.

While what you see and experience seems positive for you, for others who have a different background than yours, they might see otherwise.

Being open to the idea that there are more answers to a question is a productive idea. Expand your spirit and open your mind to new perspectives.

We all have the right to our opinion!



6. Supposing you can’t.

Whether you think of power or non-power you are still right.
~ Henry Ford

And that’s right. Very simply the question is: What do you prefer to believe?

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7. Supposing things outside of you will give you lasting happiness.

Did you still see a kitten playing or hunting? It is happy while playing or hunting. At the end of the project, its satisfaction passes or lasts very little.


Because happiness lies in the path, not in the goal itself. And the path is made of emotions, dreams, experiences, motivation.

We can say that the path is internal, the result is external. Material happiness will not last, it is an illusion. Material happiness is an egoic construction given by the system power, fear, pleasure.

Happiness is in the heart, it is interior. Genuine happiness is there.

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